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  1. ncacoates

    TDH Demos

    I changed it up about a year ago. Wanted to do a multiple driver setup and ssa had nothing available at the time other than icons that i couldn't afford.
  2. ncacoates

    TDH Demos

    Hey guys im sure a few of you probably made it to this show if not man was it a blast. They plan on making it an annual thing and by the looks of this year sbn aint got nothing on it. Here are a few demos i handed out ill update as people send them too me.. http://youtu.be/iL1koglhgr4 http://youtu.be/sFgz6DLL3r8 http://youtu.be/fU3f2enYhVM http://youtu.be/lRFrTiXuiWU http://youtu.be/t5fCicpzzao
  3. ncacoates

    How to make a removeable top for bandpass box?

    Exactly the suggestion id make myself.
  4. ncacoates

    Mazda 8x Sa-12s on 10k

    Thanks man
  5. ncacoates

    Mazda 8x Sa-12s on 10k

    Figured id add this video in as well the song plays stupid low as you'll see. Peaks are between 20-30hz http://youtu.be/EWmZf_hz6_g
  6. ncacoates

    Mazda 8x Sa-12s on 10k

    Yeah its a low low end monster. Still does 151+ down to 25-26hz... The show was in Benson really close to 95. You'll get there in time it took me a long time to get everything as well as the skills to make it happen. Thanks bud!
  7. ncacoates

    Mazda 8x Sa-12s on 10k

    Finally got the new amps in and playing. Still need way more battery and some other mods but its doing a 155.0 @ 36 after a few quick tests. Pretty respectable for a no wall i do believe and it was never intended for numbers just a daily ground pounder. http://youtu.be/ClJQyz0rqgM
  8. ncacoates

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Good job man! Figured those n3s would get nasty. Dont see a 160+ being to far out of reach with more power if your doing 159+ on 10k give or take.
  9. Nasty loud bass is all in your perspective. Personally i run standard coils with 1200-1400w each daily. I know how to set gains properly as well as having a properly designed and built enclosure. Watching, smelling, and listening closely will save your equipment. Clipping has some very distinct signs and i recommend learning them. One being the burnt coil smell that you obviously chose to overlook the first go around.
  10. Agreed! Very first revisions were but now its cheap Chinese off the shelf junk. I can make a promise they wont sound as good nor handle more abuse than an SA. I stand behind that 100% and will till I'm proven differently. Also you can get the sa an spl upgrade when you get it reconed but i wouldn't unless your intent is strictly spl oriented.
  11. ncacoates

    Need advice on mids for my silverado!

    No offense but you clearly stated what you thought sounded good. He clearly stated no matter what you do it should sound fine to you. I completely agree if you think your car sounds good with said equipment.
  12. Donated to an amazing cause! I wish you all the best of luck and ill keep you in my thoughts!
  13. ncacoates

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    After having the n2's myself i couldn't imagine the n3's in your setup. Should get nasty on that power and id expect a considerable gain.
  14. ncacoates

    Beware! Skar Audio poor customer service

    Im not sure what has all been covered so far but i have something to add. I know for a fact from people who helped with his initial designs and helped him get started that he has got to big for his britches. He has dismissed them entirely from my knowledge and gone his own direction. However true this is i cant confirm wholly. I will say its been said his business ethics are shady and he cares about the dollar not the customer. Ill also note that skar nut huggers really reflect ignorance and elitism which is beyond me. Just more of a reason i stand behind excellent companies like SSA, Sundown, and FI.
  15. ncacoates

    8x sa 12s on a crossfire xs-8k

    I still am in saltwater but im getting rid of everything soon i just dont have the time and car audio is using what i do have free. Car audio cost way less than the saltwater addiction. I don't blame you for making that decision. :)/>/>/> Dude you are not kidding at all ive sunk upwards of 6-7k in the past couple years in these damn tanks. At least with car audio i dont have to feed and clean it 24/7 haha My main tank was 400 gal. The set up with out rock, corals, and fish was close to $12k. Whew man i really feel for you ive only got about 100 gallons total. Friend runs a farm with 4 800 gallon tanks talk about expensive lmao.