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  1. Okay so I will buy those hertz . With this 10+ i mean volume adjustment (on radio knob)
  2. Okay, so my car is Peugeot 206 (3 door hatchback), and I received 2 power amps and bass tube (power amps: Concord CA2075; bass tube: raveland 400W), I already connected everything, but my car is missing speakers on the back, I have only two speakers in front of car (they aren't probably original cause they are Pioneer speakers), but they are doing weird screaky noises, when I set 10+ volume on radio (I think that's cause they are too weak for those power amps.) I attach some photos of those power amps, and bass tube. I have already disconnected those cinch wires (when they were connected and wires from radio were connected also, bass tube wasn't playing). And I have also already ordered speakers for this car, I hope they will play good :/ FRONT speakers: Hertz DCX 165.3 BACK speakers: Hertz DCX 130.3
  3. Hello, I have problem with choosing speakers (I'm just new in car audio), but I got 2 power amplifiers - CONCORD CA 2075 (300W),they are both 2 channel. One of them is bridged and connected to bass tube (raveland 400W). Second one will be connected to 4 speakers (2 x front 165mm, 2 x rear 130mm) , and I need to buy them, but I don't know how to compute how much Watts those speakers should have when i will connect them to this 300W power amplifier, which would have 2 speakers connected to + and - "left" and next 2 speakers for + and - "right". (You don't need to give me models of speakers cause idk if they will be available in my country, just give me how much watts they should have and I would really happy ;D) And my question is can i connect wires going out of radio (normally to speakers now they are going to power amplifier) and cinch wires both at the same time??? (just got both with this stuff and I don't especially know if it's right :P Ps. sorry for any mistakes caused by my english abilities :/