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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. What do you think about Pioneer AVH series?
  2. I need to update my double din head unit and looking for some recommendations from experienced people. I have used Alpine iLX-207 which offered me 7 inches touch screen which was easy for me to access all features. The most great thing for me about this head unit is that I can easily manage the system via the screen or from the steering wheel to use Apple Car Play or Android Auto. But recently it stopped working and just showing the dark screen (as its very long I have not upgraded it). Now I am thinking of upgrading it rather than repairing. I have check out few reviews and got various recommendations from few people. I am impressed with this review: https://speakershunter.com/best-double-din-head-units/ Please share your experience if you have used any double din head units before. I will be thankful to everyone. I am interested in Pioneer, Bose Audio, JVC. Let me know if there are more good brands available.