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  1. SubaruxDriver

    Building Custom Subwoofer

    Do you know the names of the contract manufacturers? I'm an engineer by trade, and I enjoy building things. Spending $500 to a build a $50 speaker is actually comparatively very cheap in the world of engineering (usually the barrier to entry is 10-100x that and many times you are left with nothing of value). Based on your figures, my goal would be something like this. $500 for speaker 1 (worth about $50) $500 for speaker 2 (worth about $100)....etc With the end goal of having some cool custom speakers that are on par with some of the decent products out there. This is meant to be a hobby while being stuck inside during Covid. Not a "how can I get the best speaker for the money proposition".
  2. SubaruxDriver

    Building Custom Subwoofer

    Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at this 100% as a hobby. I don't expect the outcome to be a cheaper and/or better version of what is already available on the market. That being said, it's very difficult to design anything without knowing what is possible from a manufacturing perspective. I guess a better wording of the question would be something like this. "Stereo Integrity is looking to come out with a new line of subwoofers. They know all the specs of what they want to build, how do they acquire all the pieces? Is there 1 manufacturer that companies like them work with that can manufacturer any basket/voice coil/motor...etc combination? Or are there separate vendors for each part that people use? I assume who Stereo Integrity uses isn't the same as other companies on here (maybe that's wrong) that have their own line of subwoofers. So what other companies can manufacturer these parts?" I know 15 years ago RE had a parent company (believe the name was Destijl) who would be the go to. Trying to figure out the equivalent(s) in todays world. And I've designed and built probably 50+ ported/sealed enclosures for various drivers over the past 15 or so years.
  3. SubaruxDriver

    Building Custom Subwoofer

    I've been doing some research online, and I know a handful of people who manufacture and sell subwoofers frequent this forum. So was hoping I could get some info on good ways to approach building my own custom subwoofer. My goal: Purchase all the individual components of a subwoofer (motor, basket, voice coil, cone...etc) and build something nobody else has. My issue: Other than a few sites selling certain parts, or trying to pickup blown subs/recone kits, I can't find a reliable source for buying the individual pieces. This makes it very difficult to piece together multiple subs that are the same. Does anyone know of good places to pickup parts? I know places like FI have their own CNC machines and build things in house, but where do people pickup parts who don't build them in house? I know there used to be subwooferparts.com, but I believe they are out of business now. Any info or guidance would be much appreciated.
  4. SubaruxDriver

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Can't remember. Probably first visited this site in 2005.
  5. SubaruxDriver


    Long time lurker, and long time car audio guy. Interested in taking my hobby to the next level and figured some of the experts here would be great resources. Looking forward to learning a lot!