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    Help with custom sub enclosure (Dual Sa-12 Ported)

    Anyone have any designs for dual sa-12s with a center port?
  2. Benzelite124

    Help with custom sub enclosure (Dual Sa-12 Ported)

    Thank you, I have sound deadened everything in the car other than the roof and have eliminated a great amount of rattles, the trunk could use a little more but, bass is louder in cabin than outside. Alternator has been upgraded from 90 to 143 amps. Big 3 upgrade was done. Stock battery, Voltage holds around 14.2 and drops to 12.6 on most aggressive hits and full power load, three amps being powered and ac and headlights running. I am planning on getting the sundown sa-12 classics from yard sale. My current budget is about $300 for subs, less than $60 on custom made box, and about $200 for the amp(sia-1750d) that I am going to buy from yard sale when I upgrade to 0 gauge ofc. So budget is about $600 and I want to completely destroy my previous setup on the high end and get a little low end, and for such a low price I think the sa-12s might do that, last thing I need is help designing the box, I was going to do aero ports, but found out to get about 60" port volume the might not fit in the box. I have no space on the sides for ports and last box I built had very little output when I did that, I want to either do a slot port or aero in the center, I want the box to be 37.5" wide, 17.6" tall, and depth should be under like 25" no matter what. Box should be 35-36hz and 4.5 cubes, I will use 45s and any suggestions. This system will way even more than my current one so I will probably remove the space tire so I don't notice it lol.
  3. Hello guys I have a 1995 Mercedes E320 Sedan, and have been figuring out what I should upgrade my amazing skar evl-12 in a 34hz ported box with and I think the best bang for buck option that will make a noticeable difference is the sundown sa classic series from yardsale. I will be powering it with the same amp that I use on my skar(a sundown sfb-1500d), I know they can handle more the 1700w rms but my electrical system will be overdriven if I keep upgrading amps, I think I will put 2 sa classic-12s in a 4.5 cubic ft box tuned to 35hz slightly bigger than the manufacture recommends. I might potentially upgrade to the sia 1750d with 1/0 guage ofc wire in the future. I don't mind an aero port or a slot port, I just want it to be in the center, I want it to be as effective and don't really care about noise as long as it has good output. If you have any suggestions so I can get more out of that power or just something that impress me more than my current setup for not too much more please suggest. I listen to mostly rap and hip hop, and think 32hz is too low for me, 35-36hz is ideal. My max trunk dimensions are 37.5" wide, 17.6" tall, and depth can be whatever. Thank you!