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  1. BigCProductions99

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    Anxious To See SP4's In There... And I Wish The Damn 12" Would Come Out.
  2. BigCProductions99

    BL or Q

    Let's Hope That Happens, Because That's What I Am Waiting On As Well. Last I Heard The Tooling Was Supposed To Be Done.
  3. BigCProductions99

    btl 18 inch dual 1 or dual 2???? so confused on ohms

    ^^^ That. Whatever Your New Venture Is, I Hope All Goes Well For You.
  4. BigCProductions99

    btl 18 inch dual 1 or dual 2???? so confused on ohms

    No Longer Work At Fi? Dafuq, Nick? This Is What Happens When You Sporadically And Intermittently Leave And Re-enter The CA Realm, Current Events = Y U Not Know? =/
  5. BigCProductions99

    is there an age limit to bass in your ride

    LMAO! That's Something I Would Conjure Up Myself.
  6. BigCProductions99

    help me decide kicker solo x 12 or fi sp4 18

    If You Want "SPL", Concrete Your Cherokee, Build An Enclosure Tuned In The 45hz And Up Region, And Buy The Wardens. If You Want A Setup That Is Actually Feasible For Music, I.e. A "Daily" Setup, I'd Opt For The SP4's, As I Truly Believe Those Are The End-All-Be-All Of High Thermal Handling "Daily" Drivers. If Being Loud On A TermLab Or Other SPL Meter Is Your Goal, (Which By Definition, To Me, Is "SPL".) Don't Bother With Music. You Either Want Numeric Performance, Or Audible Performance. This Isn't Aimed Directly At You Either, I Think A Lot Of People Could Benefit From This Principle. And As 98GMC Said, There Are Infinite Variables That Will Determine What Is Louder Until You Try, Cabin Geometry Being Just One Of Many.
  7. BigCProductions99

    Best amp for 1 15inch gcon d4

    Oh...2 Ohm. Maybe The BC3500D Would Be A Better Choice Then. I Love Derp Moments. =/
  8. BigCProductions99

    Best amp for 1 15inch gcon d4

    Crescendo BC2k Perhaps?
  9. $298 For 100ft Of 4/0..... *Jizz* Thanks, Shizzon!
  10. BigCProductions99

    99 Civic, 2 RE SEX 12's, SS 2500w

    That's A Big pucking Hairdryer. Reminds Me Of The Garret GTX3076R I Had On My SRT4, Lol. Don't See Many Of Those EF's Anymore...Done Right Anyway. And That Bitch Was Done Right, And That Means Alot Coming From Me, I Usually Hate Hondas.
  11. BigCProductions99

    HDC3 or UFO BTL

    Doesn't Matter If It's 1 Watt Or 10kw, BTL. Far Superior Driver Imho. No Such Thing As Underpowering A Driver...To An Extreme Extent Anyways.
  12. BigCProductions99

    SA or SD subs

    xEleventybillion. Go Ahead And Run The SA's If You Have The Space And The Budget.
  13. BigCProductions99

    Team SSAudio 2011 Mustang

    Sweeeeet. That Truck Looks Effin' Nasty Too, I Always Wanted To Do A Multiple 10" Wall Or Clamshell, Lol.
  14. BigCProductions99

    2000 rms? amps

    Crescendo Gets My Vote.
  15. BigCProductions99

    DP 21" Daily?

    ....Thread Is Almost 2 Years Old. Epic Fail. Read Noob Guidelines Please.