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  1. In that case, could you recommend a better choice for a 10" that will like a vented enclosure? I will give plugging the vent a shot but I'm really after the low, 20-35hz lows
  2. Hi everyone, new guy here. I'm a mechanical engineering student/intern at the moment and have had a passion in audio for nearly a decade now. I took it upon myself to design an enclosure for a pair of Demon 10"s for my civic hatch. I'm pretty happy with the punchiness, but the lower end is lacking pretty significantly and sounds "blown out" or "not really there" instead of "deep". I'm hoping to get some insight on where I went wrong with my design. As you can see, this is a non-traditional enclosure where the port effectively shares 4 walls with the enclosure on the outer sides. The design was done this way to maintain a specific outer dimension that fits like a glove in my hatch. Another issue I did come across was the subs not being particularly well suited to being in a ported enclosure in the first place, as the result of dividing the Fs/Qes yielded a value near 43.5. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as I'm thinking of changing the enclosure to get better performance: I have a feeling I'm not getting as much out of these Demons as I could be. Also, I designed this about a year ago, so I'm not sure what I did/used, but I can't seem to find a solid answer for the desired port area or volume for these subs...