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  1. jrod1050

    RE XXX 6.5" Mids. XBL^2

    I have never seen or heard of these. They look amazing. How do they sound and at what level can they be crossed at?
  2. jrod1050

    (SOLD)(2) SSA Xcon 10's Dual 1 ohm

    Interested in a 18" AA Avalanche?? Xbl^2 technology incredible sound quality
  3. jrod1050

    Fi Audio Sub

    double check every thing. Also make sure your rca's are connected properly.Maybe you are getting your subsonic filter and crossover confused. double check that as well.
  4. jrod1050

    WTB: 18" xcon

    I have a 18" AA Avalanche dual 2 that I might sell. It cant handle the power a xcon can but its a top knotch SQ sub that definately moves air
  5. jrod1050

    Ascendant going SSA style?

    They are OEM'd by the same company. Also just because they look alike definately doesnt mean they are alike
  6. jrod1050

    is this true???

    You cant throw chinese and korean built things in the same boat. Most of the best competition amps on the market today are built in Korea. And not all Chinese made items are bad quality. Also if there is almost nothing in car audio today 100% made in america
  7. No views?!?! lol. I know yall know something
  8. Since the website changed I am not able to add the Manditory pic from Photobuck. I am able to add pics through out the post using the "IMG" way. Is there any way to use this method in the Mandatory pic?
  9. Heres a pic of the new toy. Its one of the heaviest 4x100 amps Ive ever played with. Its gotta be over 25lbs. I put a bottled water next to it to show the size
  10. jrod1050

    500W amps

    Jbl bpx 500.1 It does more that rated power @ 1, 2 , and 4 ohms. top quality amp
  11. That Clarion DRX 9255 is a nice head unit. I wish i could get my hands on one of those for a decent price
  12. Oh ok. Just got one for pretty cheap. Just wondering about the quality of the amp. Was it a reliable amp?
  13. Heres a link to the smaller version. The amp Im refering to is just like this one except it has 100x4 on the front and its alot bigger http://www.caraudio.com/forums/amplifier-classifieds/503496-clarion-apa4200g-purple-macintoch-clarion-variant.html
  14. There are rumors around the net that the APA4400G Power Guard amp is just a rebaged Mcintosh. Is there any truth to it? The Clarion amp is a big purple amp. Ill see if i can find a link