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  1. Grimmjow

    Trauma 2000.1

    Korean built Trauma amp design by the dudes at Amp Medic. It's still like new, only used it about a month, been on low power so far (1000 rms) as I'm sub limited right now lol. Has been on good stable current, non smoker, very clean. I am looking to step up a bit with the new sub incoming. Looking at trading for a Smart 3 bass, Bass5k or similar. Sell price is $400 shipped, still have the box and original remote and decal. Light is actually blue, looks purple in my camera.
  2. Grimmjow

    What's Going On

    What's up guys, names Grim. Been a member over at caraudio for a while. Just bought a Evil 15, Trauma 2000.1 and about to buy the Evil mid set. Glad to be here, hope to be of help.