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  1. Thorshammer

    Hi Gang!

    Right!!! Theres many layers of deadener in that car now. Crx's are not meant to be in the basement for tuning lol Thanks for watching!!!
  2. Thorshammer

    Hi Gang!

    As promised gave Mark a call today. Wished him a Merry Christmas and had a good chuckle with him. He said to wish all a Merry Christmas!
  3. Thorshammer

    Hi Gang!

    This is too funny. Back in the day this was Rustys playground and how I first came in contact with him to build my lvl 5 10s. I'll call Mark and apologize for what is deemed as advertisement. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  4. Thorshammer

    Hi Gang!

    Its been a hot minute since I've been back around the SSA Forums. So what I have to share is our new M3 lvl 6 15. http://youtu.be/LgINN67wNHs?list=UUCyrPB8lLWhPP-oWTfTP7hQ New proprietary 15in basket uses a newly tooled 10in spider. It can accomodate a full 4in peak to peak and comes in with a 28hz fs. Just what the low low tuned daily groundpounders need! In the video sub was on a 10k in a box built for 2 lol.
  5. Thorshammer

    I need a song asap

    Lil John Push that Nigga shove that Hoe. Peaks around 43-45hz Songs over 3 mins has a short break but if your on your toes and have ff you can easily skip it in a sec or 2
  6. Thorshammer

    DC lvl 4xl 10 tuning and port area

    I'm willing to bet you can go higher in power
  7. Thorshammer

    DC Lvl 5 10 Testing for Limits

    Thanks! I found a red gator to match up with the original and see if we can get a couples dance. lol
  8. Thorshammer

    DC Lvl 5 10 Testing for Limits

    Post some gut pics for me please Or pm if they aren't "allowed" in public. I'll try and get some gut pics from my buddy Bill. I was playing around with bass again......
  9. Thorshammer

    buddy put drill through my the rubber surround

    Even better than silicone is Goop from Home Depot. If it will repair a completely shredded surround and stand up to a 20k amp afterwards you'll be good to go. Just put in on the under side. I promise it will do the job well!
  10. Thorshammer

    DC Lvl 5 10 Testing for Limits

    With car off DbDrag style
  11. Thorshammer

    DC Lvl 5 10 Testing for Limits

    Gonna do some testing on a Taramps 20k this afternoon! Stay Tuned!
  12. Thorshammer

    DC Lvl 5 10 Testing for Limits

    For those who like the buuuuurp
  13. Thorshammer

    Finally got my lvl 4 xl 15!

    Excellent! I like your choice of vehicle. If ya ever need any tips on how to get it retarded loud feel free to ask
  14. Thorshammer

    deadening a sealed off truck?

    If not it will sound like a tin can. Even though the pressure will be contained in the cabin the trunk still vibrates like craaaazy lol
  15. Thorshammer

    DC Lvl 5 10 Testing for Limits

    Stole your avi! SBN Here I come! Looking to certifi a 150+ bassracing with my lil monstas