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  1. T0mmysee

    Fun little "SQ" project I'm starting today

    I like the sound of this
  2. T0mmysee

    Good Dubstep Music list!

    I love Big Chocolate:] lol Sincere-MJ Cole (Nero remix) Innocence-Nero Guilt-Nero Mr. Postman-Cragga Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites-Skrillex In for the Kill-La Roux(Skrillex Remix) Sexy Lady-4square (Skrillex Remix) Take Care of Me-The Dream(Figure Remix) The Werewolf-Figure Future Proof-Calvertron Kill Everybody-Skrillex(Bare Noize Remix) Hold Me Close-Flux Pavillion Scatta-Skrillex Garbage-Numbernin9
  3. T0mmysee

    2008 Lexus IS250 Double Din

    Are those Work VS-XXs?
  4. T0mmysee

    sundown sa 12 vs icon 12

    The icon 12 is $259. So the Sa-12 for your budget...
  5. T0mmysee

    Blazer 4 door (2) 18s Fi Qs

    Oh I'm definitely taking out the backseats;)
  6. T0mmysee

    Blazer 4 door (2) 18s Fi Qs

    Looks like a great start. I want to do something similar in my 2-door Xtreme
  7. T0mmysee

    SSA Dickies shirt came in

    Are these going to be in stock again soon???? I want one ......
  8. Slowly touching up my blazer in order to get funds towards a Lexus :]

  9. T0mmysee

    IA Hairtrick Action

    Song that's in the last video? Thanks
  10. T0mmysee

    2004 Chevy Blazer 2 door.

    How'd you remove the rear seats when you were doing your sound deadening? Was it difficult? I have a 2-door Blazer also and am about to start doing my floor, and any advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. T0mmysee

    Gen 3 BTLs and BTL history

    I can NOT wait
  12. Saving up for an XS battery :]

  13. finally got my XXX 12"

  14. finally got my XXX 12"

  15. finally got my XXX 12"