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  1. jellyfish420

    Can FI Recone a TC 3HP motor?

    thats good to know...but nick said he'd have to talk to scott, and i'd have to send it in, because evedintly theres different 3hp motors...
  2. jellyfish420

    Can FI Recone a TC 3HP motor?

    Is a claw basket the same depth as the standard basket that Fi uses? That is critical in getting the voice coil centered vertically in the magnetic gap.-Robert i don't know the height. i haven't got it yet. i'm kinda waiting to see what i can do as far as recones go before i purchase a motor that i can't recone...or is gonna be ungodly expensive. i guess i'd have to pic up a basket too? i don't know what the fi baskets are but in the pic this 3hp has 6 bolts...
  3. jellyfish420

    Can FI Recone a TC 3HP motor?

    i'm getting a 3hp motor w/ a claw basket. do you have to change baskets? could you just get a recone to go w/ the claw basket?
  4. jellyfish420

    18 ssd

    i got a 18 ssd w/ flatwound coil. i've heard that the flatwound could take more power...how much is more, how much could i safely throw at it? whats the diff between the copper and the aluminum, sound/power wise?
  5. jellyfish420

    Fi stickers

    how bout me?? mikelnalley @ yahoo.com
  6. jellyfish420

    Replaced L7's with RLP's

    if you got the room...my favorite box for was 6.5ft.
  7. jellyfish420

    Port Area Thoughts

    i doubt you'll even notice that big of a difference between those 2 boxes. i'd do the 6ft @ 30 w/ 90 like kent suggested...
  8. jellyfish420

    Taking Suggestions!!

    try something super low like mike suggested, say 14Hz. i tried it at 32Hz and it just had an ugly peak.
  9. jellyfish420

    new box *pics*

    heres a little vid... http://www.realmofexcursion.com/videos/Sou...dbextreme.3.wmv
  10. jellyfish420

    new box *pics*

  11. jellyfish420

    started box

    well i had the sub in my car for a little bit. but it was ported. i thought it did a great job. i took turns T4 and the RL-s. since they were both 12's and i could give them both 800 watts (the T4 @ 2ohm and the RL-s @ 4ohm) i thought the T4 was louder. . . off the given power. in my sisters car i think its just the fact that its not really a sealed box sub. i'm gonna put some ports in there probably this weekend. i'll let you know how it turns out. i bet it sounds a lot better.
  12. jellyfish420

    started box

    overall i'm happy w/ it. i scuffed the paint in a couple places putting it in. and the frickin sub is crooked! it was such a tight fit, once i got it in and realized it was crooked, there was no way i was getting it out w/o breaking something. it sounds pretty good, i'm not a big fan of sealed, not enough output for me, but its loud enough for her. what do you think?
  13. jellyfish420

    started box

    thats not the final product..... well all thats left now is to install it later today p.s. i learned today NEVER get krylon clear. it blows!!!
  14. jellyfish420

    started box

    well all i got to do now is clear it and throw it in
  15. jellyfish420

    started box

    here is some primered pics...i'm almost done