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    Sundown SD-2 "500-watt" Line Photos

    Any idea on t/s specs or xmax, nice looking sub for sure.
  2. JoeHemi57

    Baby friendly suggestions.

    03-04 Infiniti M45?
  3. JoeHemi57

    Future Amplifiers

    The PDX-5 is making about 100x4 + 400x1 on the birth sheets i've seen so i'd try to get at least 600-750w on the sub channel to make it worthwhile.
  4. JoeHemi57

    Pics of new Mag and BM

    Whats the weight for both drivers?
  5. JoeHemi57

    Click to learn about the new Mag

    IB? new BM or Mag to clarify...
  6. JoeHemi57


    estimated price on the Flatline 12?
  7. Putting together a little system for my new car, i picked up the jbl gto601.1 amp(580x1@2ohm) and i would like a pair of D2 or S4 Assassin 10's if possible or would i be better off just going with a single Arsenal 12 or 15?
  8. JoeHemi57

    SD-1 v.2 Proto Pics

    What is the xmax figure?
  9. JoeHemi57

    G35 Coupe for LSQ whats the best choice?

    sounds like you want SPL to me.
  10. JoeHemi57

    Bit by the SQ bug

    check out ID's charger install with 10's in the rear deck.
  11. JoeHemi57

    Need help picking subs

    It really came down to personal preference, not brand loyalty since i've had ascendant and ID subs in the past. For me the higher xmax, woven leads, and rubber surround were the deciding factors.
  12. JoeHemi57

    Need help picking subs

    well i got a good price on the new IDQ's so i'm getting a pair of the 10's. Just waiting on a ship date from Arc on the amp.
  13. JoeHemi57

    Assasain 8 install complete!

    http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/i...hp?showforum=58 Here's the review section, should get you started.
  14. JoeHemi57

    Need help picking subs

    Current stuff is on the way out, heres what i have so far: Eclipse AVN 2210p double din cd/nav unit Alpine Type X SPX17-REF 6.5" components (07 model) DLS A5 amp (for sale, will be replaced with Arc KS900.6) Components will be bi-amped, channels 5&6 will be bridged at 1ohm for sub which should be ~550-600w. I'm leaning to a pair of new Assassin 10's ported in a console box but may get a pair of the 12's in a more conventional arrangement behind the seat. Truck is an 07 Ram reg cab so i have plenty of room, budget is $250.