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  1. justin smith

    Welcome to the IHoP

    i dont want kids either
  2. justin smith

    Q18s... not very loud

    im going with the fact that they are in a sealed box because im am diggin mine but change the deck and rcas and stuff and see what happens
  3. justin smith

    How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

    that vid is so funny i want something like that in my house to do the same thing
  4. justin smith

    btl or bl

    bad thread
  5. justin smith

    Project David and Goliath

    he probally means 149.9db lol
  6. justin smith

    Pictures of my Explorer ..All kicker....

    i think that it would get alot louder to the ear for sure but you have to ask your self if you want to spend that kind of money on electrical ,amp amd subs for imo that is a pretty sweet daily driver .carpet it and ride out for a few weeks and think about it again
  7. drill a whol run your wire through and pack it with silocone
  8. justin smith

    (6) Mayhem 15's and (6) 40.1's

    vids please
  9. justin smith

    Bass is nothing like it should be

    thats weird because i got a 7.4^3ft monster in my grand marquis and it murders the lows very much to my liking but igot sb up port back drver side
  10. justin smith

    4 7in woofers, tapped horn

    pretty cool
  11. its getting closer to finished every day :bigclap:
  12. justin smith

    Project David and Goliath

    bet the van gets pretty loud :bigclap:
  13. justin smith

    Quick vid of the 4runner

    looks pretty loud :bigclap:
  14. justin smith

    Welcome to the IHoP

    this is insane it has more post than some whole site bonkers
  15. justin smith

    Btl ohm's

    ive got my 18 in q in 7 cft after displacement and ive seen a little more
  16. justin smith

    my pics

    car audio mostly