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    ~~ SSA Protoype super8 ~~

    i cant see the pics on the first page
  2. justin smith

    If we made an SAZ-4500D...

    i will try
  3. justin smith

    HBD Denim!

    hbd man enjoy it
  4. justin smith

    A Little Vid

    i think that you need to have that on your website with a few different woofers....bad ass
  5. justin smith

    Lvl5 18 vs BTL 18

    this is what you need man galacticmonkey is selling his van for 21k obo with 24 15" AA choas and 6 sundown saz 3000d check it out http://www.****/forum/s...ead.php?t=10845
  6. justin smith

    got my battery now what

    thanks johnecon so the ssc-1500a is where its at
  7. justin smith

    Lvl5 18 vs BTL 18

    its really not about the subs at this point imo, 4 18's on 14k is gonna slam regardless. you need tou start building, youre gonna need like 8 batteries or so. take youre seats out and put a few hundred ft^2 of dampener. hundred foot or so of 0ga throughout. lots of wood 20ft^3+ ox with lots of bracing, fiber glass, bondo. and them youre gonna need a front stage to keep up so fit as many componet sets in each door as you can, amps for those. so imho 35k could deffinatly do it or it can go real fast to. so get every thing built and then buy the subs that fit into youre pockets then
  8. i think you mean sundown audio
  9. justin smith

    Lvl5 18 vs BTL 18

    well you got the money someone will help you out here for sure. welcome to SSA
  10. justin smith

    Got my 22's

    im with bugjon on this one hella nice truck
  11. justin smith

    SAZ-3500D Power Testing

    lookin good so far
  12. justin smith

    what do you think about the specs on this woofer

    it looks good so far. i cant really read ts parameters, but low fs high x max,x mech is always nice.what are you lookin at for power handling. hell put a cool lookin backet and cone on it and i bet it will sell in the shop
  13. justin smith

    tracking number blues

    well i hope i dont have a case of the missing battery:(
  14. justin smith

    tracking number blues

    well i ordered a xs power battery on sunday and i just havent got a tracking number yet. am i just paranoid or is this normal
  15. justin smith

    Thumppers Ford Windstar Ground Pounder

    alomst time for some tl #'s
  16. justin smith

    I feel so lucky to have SSA

    i used to be on ecoustics......that is why i left. they do pwn lots-o-noobs there though its fun
  17. justin smith

    Box Modification SPL Gains

    damn that thing was tuned low
  18. justin smith

    Why do all the Q magnets crack!?!?

    my q is still going stong wit almost a year of HARD use so idk
  19. justin smith

    2 BL 18s Or 1 BTL 18

    cone area ftmfw
  20. justin smith

    tracking number blues

    thanks denim i am really not worried just thought i could maybe get it this week (show on sat)
  21. justin smith

    tracking number blues

    man this is stinky......still nada
  22. justin smith

    The Roast a member thread

    i might get in trouble for doing this but it makes me lmfao every time : the conversation will go like this "you are the stupid person i was talking about it is never going to work" comment about running 5-10k without knowing true cost response "i dont like how the mods/admids thinks they are CA gods or something blah blah blah blah blah blah" lololololololololololololol
  23. justin smith

    The Roast a member thread

    i think thatt this would be better if it was like the roast on tv where we pick someone once a month/week ect. and rag on them about there posts and system and such(lack of deebeez)..? what do you guys think
  24. justin smith

    12w7 vs. xcon 12

    489ish shipped(w7) from hifisoundconections dot com vs 420 shipped(x-con) from ssa to my zipp so i think they are deffinatley in the same bracket: high xmax, low fs, LOUD sound quality woofers imo
  25. justin smith

    Sound Deadner Showdown Products!!

    very cool stuff here. i will deff. be looking into this