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  1. get the biggest powermaster battery you can fit under the hood, also what kind of vehicle do you have what size stock alt.?
  2. well im about to start my new build some time next week hopefully and im trying to get my electrical squarred away this weekend so here it goes. i recently recieved my new amp (cactus 5kw), and i know it is going to need alot of juice so my plan is to 1.) upgrade my starting battery to a decent car audio battery (everstart maxx, walmart style now) 2.) do my big 3 in 0 ga (haven't done that yet) 3.) run 0 ga to the trunk 4.) one battery in the trunk for sure (d3100) and possibly another if i need it. so far my knu koncepts cart looks like this: 2, 0ga amp kits(for the extra wire, 250amp fuses), 4, battery terminals, 2, 200 amp fuse(for alt and rear batt.), 10 foot of 10ga speaker wire. let me know if i need or dont need anything else please add. also this is the first amp ive owned with two power/ground leads. do i just run a distro-block off my rear battery two 0ga into the amp?thanks
  3. ive already got a 200amp ho alt for a cop car. but so far my does list look okay?
  4. justin smith

    help me hit a 150.xx WITH VIDS

    9.99 cubes gross or net or did you build another box because in some of your vids it says 8 cubes?
  5. if you can get the 140 amp alt for your car, get the biggest battery you can fit under the hood and you should be good to go. with maybe a little dimming of your head lights playing at night at high volumes. imo
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    Just passed 8,000 Members!

    glad to be a part of it guys
  7. justin smith

    decisions decisions

    well im learning on the omegas pretty hard. im still exploring though so we'll see
  8. justin smith

    decisions decisions

    well as it always happens i want to make a little more noise now and im starting to upgrade in the process of getting a t40001bd and 2 d3100 im torn between 2 18" btl's with p chamfer and the hixmax coil OR 2 18" bl's loaded im looking for reliability first and then loud tuned musically 31hz ish i guess my price range is 700-900 depending on whats out there im just trying to keep up i mostly listen to rap but i like how on the Q i can put some rock in and impress people with how the big slow 18 keeps up i got like 11 ^3 ft and polly fill to work with also any input is needed and appreciated
  9. justin smith

    decisions decisions

    the're a pretty penny though aren't they $599 apiece
  10. justin smith

    15" fi btl

    it does look a lil beat up did the box look messed up at all when you got it. i work at fedex groung and i know you can just print off another tag and put it in another box because of some package handlers mistake. i hope thats not what happened to you, have you hooked it up yet?just the chance you take buying online edit: by absolutely no means bashing Fi
  11. justin smith

    What do you consider loud for daily play?

    you will NOT get me in that car no sir lol
  12. justin smith

    What do you consider loud for daily play?

    thats just insane lol. i tell all my friends that i think im somewhere in the 130's because of that db chart on wiki, i can make people wipe there nose on comand but if i got on a tl it would probally break my heart everyone say your first time on a real meter is a real wake up call lol
  13. justin smith

    decisions decisions

    only got 40'' across
  14. justin smith

    decisions decisions

    space only got about 11^3 ft after sub, bracing, port ect.
  15. justin smith

    decisions decisions

    well i ended up puchasing a cactus sound 5kw and have still been looking for some subs and after a couple days of looking this is where im at cause of ease of ordering 18'' btl or 18'' omega .... the omegas are cheaper but have a higher fs 32 on the btl, 37 on the omega 15 ts specs on the 18 not available im used to how my Q digs deep and it gets pretty good response all the way from from the mid 20's to about the 60ish range and that how i like it. so how do you guys think these two compare tuned daily
  16. well im looking for a used amp for 2 btl's so i guess im in the $7-900 range im mostly looking for efficiency , realiability , longevity, and a subsonic filter so if you guys could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it
  17. so i see alot of people selling used batteries , capacitors, and batt-caps ect. (batteries are what im interested in) and i always thought that batteries and what not lose charge, voltage go dead or what ever you what to call it over time. so can you just keep them charged and they last forever? as always im lost lol
  18. wow thats crazy you learn something new every day
  19. i was just wondering really thats about the fastest ive ever had a question awnsered here so right on guys even at 2:00am plus. so about how long give or take how it was treated is a good bateries (powermaster, kinetic) life span?
  20. justin smith

    RE Destroyer 15

    i say sell one keep one FOREVER and tell everyone you know that only 25 were ever made lol
  21. justin smith

    RE Destroyer 15

    so ..... how much do you want for them ?? or what are your plans with them
  22. justin smith

    OK what would you have done 29Hz on DOWN

    interesting link sir
  23. justin smith

    XCONs shipping

    you better be carefull i remember a couple weeks ago all of us talking about the brown note and the sudden bowell movements it creates
  24. justin smith

    Love the updated look of Fi's web site!

  25. justin smith

    It's Official

    mean little tens aren't they lol