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    trying to embed video

    far right button that says insert media, put the full url from youtube in that and you're good... should look like this... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dUVZozf-i0[/media] thank you sir
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    trying to embed video

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    trying to embed video

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    trying to embed video

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    trying to embed video

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    Welcome to the IHoP

    that tombstone is epic
  7. trying to get louder

  8. trying to get louder

  9. trying to get louder

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    kicker zx750.1

    just use 750 and keep the headroom
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    got my battery now what

    well i got my battery to day in pristine condition, but im stumped on how to charge it for the first time. the paper work says stuff about dont let the charging go over 14.4 volts. i dont have a battery charger so i was wondering if any ther xs power owners could help me out or if scottie can chime in thanks
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    i dont like it to bland and white , hard on the eyes idk though youre forum
  13. nice vid..good scores +1 for you skip
  14. justin smith

    T3 Audio

    go to **** and post this thats where johnathan hangs out
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    icons for spl......

    so ive gotten into the competition side of thing theres a comp coming up in my area on the 27th and im trying to improve my score a little bit from the last comp i went to when i still had my 18" Q in a 7.4^3ft box tuned to 30hz with sub up and port driver side(slot port) i was doing 136-137's on music. so this is where im at now i sold the Q cause i was in a bad spot, and i have two custom icons that i purchased from trevor(p.t.s) a coulpe of months ago. i have them in a obcon gz series box ....link:http://www.rtboxes.com/gz-series-gz328-10/..... 1.42^3ft per chamber tuned to god knows what(i know its prefab but its a nice box) it sounds good but i know the icons can do more so i want to see what i can do i just need a little input on the i was think 2.0^3ft after all displacement tuned to 36-38ish what do you guys think
  16. justin smith

    icons for spl......

    cant port through the rear deck or seats because there is a ledge back there over my gas tank. thats been converted to my am rackso it will be a trunk
  17. justin smith

    icons for spl......

    i think ill be able to pull it off this week (build coming)
  18. justin smith

    icons for spl......

    so what do you guys think about sub and port placement p.s. my back seats do not fold down at all
  19. justin smith

    icons for spl......

    thanks for everyones input but yeah .1.) i couldnt refuse the icons for the price i got them for.2.) i was really not impressed wwith my score last time. i blame it on my back seats cause they dont fold down and i was tuned so low. ive always had ported enclosurses in my car and it seems to peak in the low 40's with each box ive had and for power i have been running them offf my cactus at 2ohms and they just soak it up no proplem. when i get the new box built im going to try it at .5ohm and see what happens so now im torn between sub and port placement : subs up port back driver side, subs back port back driver side ,or subs up port across the bottom crx style
  20. justin smith

    Wonder what this is ?

    i just came got a tissue
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    xcon or dc level 4xl

    here you'll get told ssa, on smd it will be dc hard core, on **** it will be cascade or rd so whatever
  22. justin smith

    xcon or dc level 4xl

    i have to go with wenn on this one i think the lvl4 xls are more spl oriented as the x cons are more of a high power handling sq sub two different things to comare depending on his goals
  23. justin smith

    New Look

    im effin diggin it we're running the forum game at ssa
  24. well i have a amp (cactus 5kw) and it has four speaker terminals and im trying to hook up a 2ohm load to it. my question is if i hook 2ohms up to it will it be 2ohms or would it bridge it down to 1ohm?????? thanks
  25. justin smith

    Thumppers Ford Windstar Ground Pounder

    nasty flex man i left you a comment ....... i want to see it on the term-lab