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    Funny Install Pic Thread

    Lol funny how that pic is still floating around. That was on s10forum... I made that back in 07 I think then shortly corrected the "you're". Here is the updated one.
  2. ^ sorry, but I wouldn't even waste my time with that DD-1 (an o-scope would be a much better investment anyways). Sure it may set the gain right but the source volume is constantly changing with different CDs/mp3. So as soon as you pop in a different cd your efforts were wasted. Tune by ear, leave the DMM and the o-scope for something else.
  3. Sweet! Glad it fixed the problem.
  4. Unplug the bass knob from the amp. I have seen a few go out and would randomly make the volume fluctuate as you are describing....though it shouldn't make the bass sound bad so I have a feeling it isn't the problem. Worth a shot I suppose.
  5. Beandip

    Big Secret?

    Looks sweet! I want to play with one now.
  6. Beandip

    "Breaking In" of Subs.

    When i did my first recone I did. Well I went easier on it since I was my first time. I just played it free air at 20 hz for a little bit. soon as I was sure the glue was dry I just cranked up the volume to loosen it up. Other than that....no
  7. Beandip

    Something really bad happened, help please

    Hard to say. But if the subs were truly at half or even less volume (no idea how loud your definition of "daily" is) and the subs got quiet then basically blew up then I would test out the amp for sure.
  8. Beandip

    Ampless component suggestions

    I ran my Focal K2s off head unit power for awhile. They sounded great but obviously the HU had it's limitations. But then I amped them and it blew me away how much better it was.
  9. Beandip

    Big Secret?

    Didnt even know there is a "big secret". Damn, now you've got me wondering what it is as well!
  10. Hasn't been asked yet but does the amp ALWAYS go into protect every time it's turned on? If so, disconnect the speaker wires and and turn it on, if still in protect I'd say something happened to the amp or maybe a loose speaker wire shorted causing damage to the amp.
  11. Beandip

    99 Blazer-Sundown build

    Doh! Wheels (offset) were a dead giveaway it was a 4x4 and I missed it. How low are you planning on going up front?
  12. Beandip

    99 Blazer-Sundown build

    ^ just a suggestion. Make sure you flip the brake lines to make a U shape instead of the factory "n" shape. The line likes to rub the frame and will quickly result in brake failure. Just remove the line, flip it over and install/bleed. It depends on how low it is out back though yours may/maynot rub. If you used Belltech spindles up front you need to trim down the upper control arm as well because it will pinch the brake line. If you used springs this doesn't apply.
  13. Beandip

    New Demo song worth posting.

    Well, i take everything back. i tired it in my truck and that song is simply amazing. definitely a good front stage workout. just sounded like poo on my phone and judged it too quick. anyone else have some songs similar to this?
  14. Beandip

    New Demo song worth posting.

    Well that was completely unexpected. Heard it on my phone...not sure i I want to try it in my truck.
  15. Beandip

    Tracking down the Recone

    Haha I remember that thread. Anyways I suggest you plan out the recone process and drop the cone in dry without any glue a few times to get a feel for it. Really it's a super easy process. Just make sure your shim fits nice and snug. Just take your time and plan things out.