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  1. a win tomorrow and the AFC championship is held in foxborough...hell yeah

  2. Your so deep in the closet your finding christmas presents----family guy lmfao ha love that show

  3. Can't sleep ...ohh joy ha

  4. To make sure that your resume stands out, do not put anything in the body of your email, nor attach a cover letter.

  5. Holy shit now that's 2 games the refs have fucked up .....sonethibg beeds done

    1. BigGuy


      Pay the real refs some more money!!!

  6. omg the replacement referees suck...they need to pay the real officials so we can have a game with no down time.

  7. i find it funny how they have the person who sent the text and they make it seem like its their fault in the commercial about texting and driving. when its the person who was driving fault.

  8. Just to let everyone know everyone is okay but the restraunt is completly gone

  9. Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time.......ha

  10. Geez cops in battleground have no life

  11. It's not what you dew it's how you dew

  12. I'm the fuckin man, y'all don't get it, do ya? Type of money, everybody acting like they knew meYou only live once: that's the motto- the motto drake

  13. Before u jump on any. Bandwagon u should make sure its worth itsoo as far as the people behind kony 2012 do a little research on the company behind it and ull find the guy that runs it drinking and saying he keeps the money raised ha

  14. It was Good to see kameron tonight