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  1. All of the comps in New England are ran by these two organizations: http://www.amplifiedimpressions.com/apps/calendar/ http://newenglandspl.com/ Look forward to seeing ya there
  2. If I can get everything in, I get the new system (in my sig) on tuesday leaving me very little time to pull off a professional quality install, I'd love to be able to give SQ a shot for the 1st time with it and use the orion hcca 12" i got in a recent trade for my spl run as I highly doubt the box for the SPLX's will be done in time. Either way I'll bust arse to have something in for it, Boomers is an excellent show that I don't want to miss for anything. Was thinking of making my debut the 18th but that was before I realized Boomers is the 10th. Guess I'm gonna have a long week lol. Gonna be weird being able to be competitive in SQ and SPL, and fun.
  3. The Epping show was a blast, smaller turnout due to the big 3X Sunday but very fun any ways. I love the smaller shows as much as the big ones as they are more intimate and give ya a chance to really chit chat and learn, learn learn :-) Our new team mate shattered his window again but did his best number on that specific (and very stiff) mic.. 164.1. and at least this time he didn't damage his breaks with the SPL again. I hope you never stop having those Aftershock shows in Epping bro and not because they are so close to me, they are very sentimental to me for many reasons. I had kind of "forgot" about the site too for a bit only because I was spending so much time working on A.I.'s site and projects so much, but this is by far my favorite car audio forum, it's the most mature, informative, has some amazing mods who REALLY know their chit and best of all no Nate! haha seriously I love he isn't a member here!
  4. SPLScion

    Soundstream XXX re-cone or just a new surround?

    I dunno but mine laughed at 4.5K, they blew due to user error re: me not taking my time at a comp and letting a frayed wire touch across terminals :-( I know what ya mean about rating tho, putting that out there can be bad cuz everyone then thinks that they can do it in any situation or any enclosure when we all know that any sub can be damaged on moderate to low power if used or installed improperly. A hypothetical sub rated for 2K wrms can handle much more when used by the right person but a novice could blow it with 500 watts. Any who... LMK a rough price if possible, thanks
  5. SPLScion

    Ulrisa's Volvo S40 Build

    Ah, well when I hooked it up I didn't realize that their was a kit for for the stock plug in, I just manually spliced the wires. I guess it's a good thing haha. It's going to suck if I ever need to put the stock radio back in though. I might be able to get a wiring diagram if you'd want to splice yours, might be less of a hassle. Thanks for the heads up on the sunroof track breaking, that does make a lot of sense, mine is starting to squeak already. I'll see if I can figure something out for bracing with my Dad and let you know if it works out. I'll ask my brother about the stickers, I'm sure he'd like them. Also, I meant stinger roadkill, not over kill before. Ha I used to always splice the wires, over the years I started to use the plug in kits and guess I got lazy or my memory is going I for some reason never even thought about that! If you could find a wiring diagram that would be sick, thank you for looking for it whether you find it or not! Any tips on fixing the sunroof track would be more then great, the price to have some one fix it the 1st time sucked bad and I won't be paying for someone to fix it again :-) sunsbcribed to this log
  6. SPLScion

    Soundstream XXX re-cone or just a new surround?

    no worries, I was being cranky last night sorry (had very bad day). They are a little difficult to find kits for because SS redesigned the xxx15 and stopped making the factory recone kits. Some team members and people in the know bought up all that was left, some IA kits for them would be bad to the bone tho
  7. SPLScion

    Ulrisa's Volvo S40 Build

    It's my fault for not being specific, I meant the adapter used to hook your Pioneer to the cars stock plug in. If you use the wrong one all kinds of weird stuff happens. The trunk will only some times work with the remote, the dash will act odd and occasionally not even work at all lol. Luckily it has no effect on the actual audio and even more lucky I know exactly what the problem is: wrong adapter and the 1st time I unhooked the stock stereo you have to disconnect the battery first or the dash go's all screwy. I just can't find the exact adapter I need or they say they have it then send me the wrong one (very frustrating lol) By sunroof breaking I didn't mean the glass shatters I meant the track breaks and it will not open or close depending on what position it is in when it breaks, it will also leak once this happens. On a good note once you install everything perfectly in a Volvo you can install in anything! Your dad's a Volvo Tech huh, no wonder it looks to be in such great shape, nice! Always looking for good mechanics who are more familiar with the car then other mechanics.
  8. SPLScion

    Soundstream XXX re-cone or just a new surround?

    :-) I was asking NDMstang65 what he could do for us lol. I am very familiar with my subs, and actually they are quad 1.2 ohm like the XXX18, NOT quad 1. It is a misprint on the site. If your coils are reading 1 ohm then they are 100% damaged not that it matters as said above they need a complete recone. Or is that what you were quoted by him?
  9. SPLScion

    Ulrisa's Volvo S40 Build

    Thanks! And nevermind, I just saw your signature. It's cool that you are on Team Soundstream, I actually have a friend (local) that's on the team. Also, my brother is pretty obsessed with Soundstream haha. yeah I just realized where and kinda who you are, you mean EXO of course. I have heard about ya, I am TeamSoundstreamBil (Bill Geisendorfer), they guy with the red Scion TC. He lived here for a while. Btw his wall will probly be done pretty soon ;-) a little insider info for ya. I'll be adding a build log here this weekend on what I have done so far, and yes it is the most difficult car I have ever installed gear into. I agree completely that their engineers hate after market audio and have decided their goal in life to make it as difficult as possible to do our thang! Anyone who pulls off a loud and/or solid overall install on one has my upmost respect. Glad you like my Volvo, its black on black however your wood dash is sick! I would trade with ya but I need all the trunk space I can get. As you know we have decent sized trunks but the opening is rediculously small and akward. Oh and you WILL break your sunroof. In my research while preparing for building in this car everyone achieving 145 (@ 45 hertz or lower) has broken their sunroofs in very short order :-( I too am a victim of this and I haven't even gotten her loud yet! So you are wise to be concerned about it. The next time it breaks on me I am strongly considering replacing it with metal and eliminating it all together. Oh what HU integration did you use? The one I have was supposed to be the right one according to the website but they sent me one model off causing some havoc, I am sure you know what havoc I am refering too or hopefully for your sake you don't lol. Thanks in advance! Your brother is a big SS fan huh, I got some extra stickers if you think he would like one... -Bill
  10. SPLScion

    Soundstream XXX re-cone or just a new surround?

    yeah thats why I said it hehe don't mean to thread jack but sure OP will like to know this info too, how much and what coil configurations can you do? Do you already have the gap measurements? If you rather not post the price could you PM it to us? Thank you much
  11. SPLScion

    MBarber25's Build Log

    Bro, I know it's been a while and I kinda dropped off the face of the planet for a few months but you need to call me! You still got my number? I have solutions to all of your problems in the last few pages. I'll pm you my digits right now just in case you lost it (I lost yours and almost everyone elses when I lost my phone a little bit ago). -Bill
  12. SPLScion

    Soundstream XXX re-cone or just a new surround?

    I have 2 of these blown (due to user stupidity & bad luck and I'll leave it at that) and have been searching and pricing recones for it for some time now. The cheapest I have found for a full kit is $175 and was quoted a little over $200 per kit. BTW you don't have to replace the surround with a high roll as it WILL cost you more and be a little harder to find esp. where you don't plan to put much power on it. Could you update this thread after you fix it, or shoot me a PM or text, Lil Italy / Mario has my number... if I remember right, Thanks and GL
  13. SPLScion

    new scores!!!

    O. I. C. guess I should have watched the vid before putting my foot in my mouth :-)
  14. SPLScion

    Ulrisa's Volvo S40 Build

    oh and it's been said but nice equipment and good work on the install
  15. SPLScion

    Ulrisa's Volvo S40 Build

    Oh yeah, I'll be sure to. I think it's really fun to share this stuff with other people and hopefully some of it is helpful to someone else who might be thinking of doing the same thing. I can't wait to get things rolling again it's limited to my pay schedule lol. I'll be sure to post some updates along the way though, especially with the 40.1. I am actually about to do this exact same install! Only minor differences, its an S60 and the mids are differemt brand but still 6.5" neo's and planned to put the 6.5's in the door, this really helped me, now I can make my plan of attack while I wait for FedEx THANK YOU for posting this log, its very helpful!