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  1. ric

    1 sundown SA8 enough?

    i was able to borrow an SA-8 from a friend of mine to test it out, to me, 1 SA 8 is enough and sometimes more than i even need... its in a ported box tuned low, just not sure at what frequency, early 30's to mid 30's i guess... sounds good to me, tunable also the way i like it.
  2. ric

    SA-8 v.2 Prototype Video

    i bet that a sa-8 v2 with good ouput like the v1 or better, but softer parts to help make the sub go deeper, that could work well on a sealed enclosure will make the v2 a better sub. more like the so called ""SQL"" type of sub... hmmmmm.....
  3. ric

    Orphan 8's Need a Home!

    hi guys, just kinda confused??? i know that box would be like the RLi-8, but if you have 2, iv read that... - so does 2 on a sealed also mean to be on common chambers? - if ported, it has to be really towards the small side like .3cubes each? - what happens if tuned like mids 20's instead of the 30hz range? i also saw a post in youtube, the mentioned that a sigle driver, installed on a 2 cubic ft enclosure tuned 20-26hz can go down to 11hz? can somebody also confirm that too? oh, if its true, then would this mean that power requirements also will go gown to maybe 200W due to the large enclosure? thanks.
  4. thanks jay-cee. do you think the .5 mdf would be strong enough? specially for a sub with 500watts and i think 18mm of xmax? wouldn't the enclosure break?
  5. was thinking of really doing that, im just afraid coz i dont think i have the skills for that. im not sure on how to strengthen the enclosure that way unlike with mdfs. anyways, the size ive mentioned above is using a 3/4 mdf wood.
  6. @ jay-cee - im not asking anybody to research for me, im asking people who might have experience good subs that goes on those tiny enclosures. ok, if among the 3 i posted, whats your bet? @ Don Ganso - its going to be placed in a trunk behind the tail lights. one on each side, trying to get the most out of the space available in the trunk.
  7. @jay-cee ENCLOSURE RECOMMENDATIONS: Sealed: .75 cu.ft. Sealed: .90 cu.ft. optimal this would be in net, the my req of .5 .6 will be out... @ bigrank916 sorry my mistake, updated now, the price would be for a pair already... really limited on space, budget and i need 2 for the total install looks. im placing one on each side of the tail lights in the trunk.
  8. hi guys, i would like to ask for some options to look at. need some inputs here, what sub would be good for a .5 - .6 enclosure / 200-500rms / decent lows / good SQ, sounds good even for metal, rap, hiphop, etc. ( so something with a little SPL on it)? so far only things i see are PG RSDc 10", RE SR 10", and RE REx 10" do i have any other options on this? good price would be around $200 and highs on $300 for a pair. so $100 - $150 each...
  9. ric

    help with sub...

    learn what? learn all the specs of all 10's and 8's available on the market, may it be good or bad? the purpose of this thread is to limit the options and not expand it...
  10. ric

    help with sub...

    yup, if im not mistaken its a JL 500/1 V1, - ive been doing some checking even SS RL-i 8's though not avail, i even thought of the orphans, though i need options that would really be good for his needs. small, efficient that can go loud yet still sound good. specially from current or past users that might have gone through the same needs as my friend. thanks.
  11. Hi guys, i was wondering if you can give some suggestions for a sub that my friend could use with the info i got from him... - small maybe 10" or even 8" - musical sounding sub - can go loud abit i think? - good for sealed enclosures - good for 500W only or maybe less for efficiency - max of $300 if possible i think the reason for small is he plans to put in in the corner of the trunk. behind the tail lights. and if im not mistaken, he needs it for .7 or less cubes after displacement. he was thinking of putting flat subs/slim subs but i advised him to wait, and ill try to get more suggestions for i think slims subs output would not be enough for him, but if you can suggest slim subs with very a very good amount of output and can still remain musical for hip hop, R&B, techno/trans well he listens to all sorts of music..... pls do so. he thought of the pioneer slim subs due to price and with $300, he can get 2, one for each tail light location. if you need more info pls ask so i can clarify and ask him about it. thanks for any suggestions.
  12. ric

    speaker wire to comps?

    got this from some where... it might help... 'Maximum Wire Lengths For TWO CONDUCTOR Copper Wire these are said for the ff: 2 ohm load 4 ohm load 6 ohm load 8 ohm load Wire Size 22 AWG 3 feet max 6 feet max 9 feet max 12 feet max 20 AWG 5 feet max 10 feet max 15 feet max 20 feet max 18 AWG 8 feet max 16 feet max 24 feet max 32 feet max 16 AWG 12 feet max 24 feet max 36 feet max 48 feet max 14 AWG 20 feet max 40 feet max 60 feet** 80 feet** 12 AWG 30 feet max 60 feet** 90 feet** 120 feet** 10 AWG 50 feet max 100 feet** 150 feet** 200 feet**
  13. why not just get a line driver? it can boost up you pre out voltage really high, and in some brands, i think it can even go as high as 11 volts... instead of getting processor if the goal is just to increase the loudness on the sub area? its alot cheaper than getting a processor, which the processor does no normally do, and is not normally a function of a processor.
  14. thanks for the replies, might hold off a bit right now, rumors say that the Pioneer P99RS would be arriving to our shores... and was told that its almost half the price of the P9 combo... hmmm.... still thanks, i guess its really the P800PRS over the CD7200mkII....
  15. hi guys, i know alot has been ask about this 2 HU's, more often discussed on, "it looks fugly", "it has better tuning capabilities", "it has this pico fuse prob" and many more... frankly now i know i cant get the best HU i want due to cost so i have to get the best i can do with my current budget... Pioneer P800PRS or Eclipse CD7200mkII... im already aware of most specs... right now i would just like to ask from people who have used the 2 or have some experience on it.... tuning wise, i know it would be a debate as to parametric is better that graphic or vice versa... and to some, they even say the 7band parametric can be as powerful as the 16band graphic... so my only question is... which one has better "sonic character"? out of the box... no tuning... flat settings...