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  1. JenGirl0146

    2 BL 15"

    Hey thanks. I will deffinitly have to look at doing that, with the box and the pics. Also crazy ass box you have going on!
  2. JenGirl0146

    2 BL 15"

    well the ports are made of pvc and i have no idea how to get the pics to you unless ur on myspace
  3. JenGirl0146

    2 BL 15"

    I listen to everything....basically if it has a beat i play it. Such as Lil' Jon up to killswitch engage. but how many ports to you think i need since i have no idea wtf to put them.
  4. JenGirl0146

    2 BL 15"

    The ports are 12" deep. But i figured that i needed to cut them down anyway. but what do you mean that i need 2 or 3 more...what? Ports per woofer?
  5. JenGirl0146

    2 BL 15"

    The demensions that i built the box are L-42" D-19" H-22 1/2" with 2 4" round ports in the middle. Is that right?
  6. JenGirl0146

    2 BL 15"

    I need demsions for a ported box holding two 15" BL subs. I built one already but was wondering if it was right.