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  1. Nathan09

    Blowthrough 4 18" Fi Bls

    Any update?
  2. Nathan09

    Blowthrough 4 18" Fi Bls

    Looks sick! Who did the design?
  3. looks sick! Who did the design?
  4. Nathan09

    RE SX 12" Flared Port

    The box and paint look sick! Very nice Where can i buy some paint like that?
  5. Nathan09

    Ordered my Q15 2 days ago! Now a box?

    I currently have Q15 with the BP option, i have tried many boxes from 3.7 to 4.3 the one IMO that is best for lows is the one I'm currently running , 4.0cf @ 30hz the lows are insane. I'm currently powering mine with the sub ch. of a RF 25 to life power 1000(1000 watts @ 1ohm) The the Q with BP can take every bit of 1500 watts if you choose to send it that much... now as far as playing below tuning that's tricky. Honestly its all install dependent. I personally do not use my subsonic filter, but that's ME. I know what my install is capable of, i love hearing my sub play those low notes in the 25 to 30 Hz region. This in a Colorado ex cab, port firing to the drivers side..BTW the highest Ive hit on the term lab is 143 @ 44hz in the 4.0cf @ 30hz box. And yes there are people hitting 140's in a trunk with a Q.
  6. Nathan09

    Q15 Ported Box

    I have my Q in a 4.0cf3 box at 30hz and it slams. Lows are so strong, shakes the whole truck.
  7. Nathan09

    15" Q Ported Enclosure - 06 Impala

    If you want your Q to really slam i suggest a 4.0cf3 enclosure tuned to 30 or 31 .I had mine in several boxes ranging in size from 3.5 to 4.3cf3. 4.0cf3 at 30hz slams the best so far... this is all in a Colorado ext cab, port to the drivers side with sub firing forward....
  8. Nathan09

    Fi Q w/ BP vs AA Havoc

    Ya hopefully in the near future, would be interesting that's for sure.
  9. Nathan09

    Fi Q w/ BP vs AA Havoc

    I'm the owner of the FiQ that was being used in the comparison...For an ideal test yes the Q would need to be in its ideal box. We were not able to do that due to the size of my box(4cf3 @30hz) for my Colorado. As nick_19 stated it was just a test to give people somewhat of a comparison, anythings better than nothing. Maybe sometime in the future we can do a another test with a box ideal for the q that will fit in the trunk , but for now this will have to do. Either way it goes the Q or the havoc are great subs especially if u love the low notes in the 25-30hz range....