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    thanks man
  2. has ring terminals for sale/ 1/0 - 10 for 10.65shipped

  3. has ring terminals for sale/ 1/0 - 10 for 10.65shipped

  4. has ring terminals for sale/ 1/0 - 10 for 10.65shipped

  5. DeadlyHertz

    onlinecarstereo.com = scammer?

    so heres how it all got started. i had ordered some 6x9 speakers for a build of mine that didnt fit. i called and they said that they would send me an email with instructions on how to return them, they didnt. i sent them back with the order number on the bpox. emailed them back on the day that they were supposed to be delivered (Apr 1st) = no reply, no one would answer the phone and i had to send them a fax to get a rise from them, it worked! their excuse was they hadnt checked it in yet. i emailed them earlier like monday or tuesday this week. theyve had the item for 7days this past wednesday the 8th. i just emailed them tonight. heres what i wrote. the loving caring car audio shop owner from fort valley has had enough. Ok. I want some answers. I returned order ************** and it should have been received on Wednesday April First. Here it is Friday April 10th and I still don
  6. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    doubt it. whats the issue. prob maybe some HC 2400s
  7. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    6miles from fort valley GA 25miles south of macon GA i love build logs too! like to see what my SPL friends are up to.
  8. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    i also replaced all the battery cables. havent done the wire to the alt yet. gotta order the wire. here are just some random pics of the van this is where the battery trad was. am gonna modify this so that i can stack 2 batteries there and close the hood. this is the stock alt before removal. this is the 4/0 wire that runs the red top battery thats in the back of the van. it has a 300 amp anl fuse and fuse holder on it. that was a hellish big hole in the firewall. what i did was: i already had a 1/0 running back that was origionally gonna be the power wire. BUT i found a rediculas deal on 4/0. got 20feet for 80shipped. had 18inches left over. anyway i had that 0ga ran thru a hole that came from the factory but i needed a hole bigger than 3/4 for the 4/0 so, i drilled a small hole and kept getting bigger with each drill bit up to a 1/2 inch. then that was still small for the 4/0 so drilled another hole beside the first one and repeated the process. wide enuf but STILL to small. so drilled above the 2 holes and repeated process once again. encouraged it with channel lock pliers and it worked for the 0ga. KNU 0ga to be exact. the best 0ga. anyway. sense i dont have gromits, i wrapped it to hell and back with electricians tape to keep it safe. did this to both the 4/0 and the 1/0 so its powered by and grounded to the fromt battery. this took a while. 4/0 is big thick wire!
  9. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    update. 11-22-08 i am a happy person today! FedEx came by unexpectedly and brought my Excessive Amperage 200amp ho alt. it came around 5ish so i had to go excercise ( walk 2miles+ like i do everyday,) then it took about 2hours to get off the stock one and thats as far as i got. it wasnt too bad. alls i had to do was remove the power steering pump which was pretty streight forward sense i have a garage. this gave me full access to the stock alt. in that car you only have 3 inches or so b/w the pully and the frame so it was kinda hard getting on those lower nuts but i did it. the velt tensioners arent that bad either. set screws are easy. you can see what space i talk about when you look to the right of the alt in that pic
  10. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- update. had to get the glass off cuz for some odd reason it pealed up around the edges so gonna get some fiberglass cloth and try that. it worked when i fixed the busted part of the door pannels also yesterday i ordered the ho alt for the van. got it from Nate at Excessive Amperage in AL. should have it hopefully by the 26th. it powtercoated red. costed 370.00. so as it is i have a lil over 700 tied up in this. also ordered and have recieved the 4/0 wire for the batteries in the back. 80shipped. found a great deal on another forum so i pounced on it. got 20 feet of it.
  11. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

  12. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    does anyone here know the model of the amps?
  13. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    thanks man. stay tuned. more pics coming very soon.
  14. DeadlyHertz

    4 7in woofers, tapped horn

    hmmm. interesting indeed. whats it going in?
  15. DeadlyHertz

    I like to call it "Maximum Excursion

    wow. specs on that would be great. anyway, back t my build. i got out tonight and covered the floor in the back of the van where the speaker box will set. I should have some pictures up tomorrow.