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  1. Damn, I sure hope my Sp4s ship this week. I wonder why people who ordered after me already have them in hand...

    What did you order and order #? sorry I'm forgetful and dont want to go look.



    Two SP4 15s. Order #1189 on February 15th

  2. One time I ordered from Fi and never got a tracking #. With this order I didn't get the usual early FedEx tracking # set aside for my order. (Then later the FedEx email with updated info when it has actually shipped) Maybe they shipped, maybe they didn't.

  3. Damn, was told this issue was fixed. Seems like quite a few Fi subs catch fire...I set an N2 on fire. I beat the absolute hell out of them though. I just purchased Sp4s to replace my BTLs. We'll see what happens. I did break tinsels on two of them, coils were always perfect.


    Did the UFO Btls have the sandwiched leads? I tortured those with no issues. I'm hard on my equipment, but I'll try to play it a little safe this time.


    These sandwiched leads are a "hot" topic around here haha.

  4. My last three big setups over the past couple years. UFO btls, n2 btls, and now sp4s. Although the wait isnt fun right now, ill get over it. My previous orders always shipped on time. Hopefully they get things back to normal soon.

  5. I can understand and deal with a month wait. But 3 or 4 months? Not sure what to even say about that. At least give some type of notice on the site or when/after you order, instead of the usual 10-15 day build time it lists right now.

  6. i ordered a single sp4 15 3 and a half weeks ago and sent them an email a couple of days ago and they emailed me back within the hour saying its in the build process. you might email them they seem to respond fast



    Well that's some good news. Shouldn't be much longer then. Here's a couple pics. Mostly just gotta do finishing work on the face of the wall. This was 4 N2 15s walled in my Trailblazer. Did a 156.3 at 42hz with the drivers door open.









  7. Is there a longer than normal lead time right now? I would imagine tax return time is a busy part of the year for car audio companies. I know with my past orders from Fi they would end up being shipped after two weeks. Im at three weeks right now and havent gotten a shipping label notice yet. I know they'll "get here when they get here...but im just wondering if its gonna be a much longer than usual wait. Was hoping to get mine by this thursday so id be able to demo my 4 Sp4 15s at our annual company meeting, but not looking good now. Definitely be some disappointed coworkers lol.

  8. I ordered my second pair of SP4 15s last friday and today the order status switch to "manual verification required". Im an electrician and work out on the road all week on the current job im on. Nearly impossible for me to get packages at my address, so i had them shipped to my girlfriends house. If someone from Fi wants to vall me, my cell phone # was included with the order.

    When i ordered my first pair of SP4s i tried to do the same thing and they were shipped to my address anyways. They almost ended up getting sent back. Life on the road...it sucks! So please get ahold of me Fi!

  9. We currently don't have the XP series alternators for the Trailblazer. We hope to have them completed within the next couple of months though.

    No dual kit planned at this time.

    Ouch, that is a bummer. I recall a **** member getting an email saying you did do dual brackets/kits for the TB. Well hopefully you guys are going to do a 390xp and I can get one before April.

  10. I already sent in a info request on the DC site, but I'm trying to get a 270XP alt for my 2002 Trailblazer, as well as pricing on a dual kit. Only SP and Pro series alts are listed for my ride. I'd like to get my order in for this deal if possible. Question is, does DC make the XP series for the 02 Trailblazer?

  11. I've reconed before, but it has been a few years. I'll be getting some assistance with it as well. Looks like we'll be using epoxy. I actually didn't know the recone comes preassembled basically. When I reconed before I had to put everything together myself. This looks much simpler lol.