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    Box tuning calculator i made

    Good job. If you need help with anything you can pm me. I'm a beast at VB, and I'm also good at C++ and Delphi. Good job.
  2. alex_velociti

    HO Alternator Question

    I think stock is 130 or so? It's brand new, last alternator crapped on me. Its a 99 expedition. I guess I'll just try it with maybe a Powermaster D3100 Bat - and if voltage begins to drop too low, I'll go ahead and get the Alt. Thanks.
  3. alex_velociti

    HO Alternator Question

    I appreciate your input. I won't be competing with this setup at all. It's just for daily use. Since it is for daily use, do you recommend me just upgrading the alternator? I plan on playing it pretty often when I drive. The alternator I'm looking at is about 499 - I like it's output at idle (160-165amps).
  4. Here's the deal - I'm working on putting my system together. I want to make sure I have my electrical taken care of. Amp will be 3000rms I was thinking about the following options: Option 1: Big 3 HO Alternator - 165amp Idle / 260amp higher rpm ---------- Option 2: Big 3 Stock Alt - new, but stock. XS Power D3100 Battery --------- Option 3: Big 3 Stock Alt 2 HC1800 Batts ------------------------------------------------------ Amp would probably be GP3000D running to 2 15" MTX 9500s. Or could I do a HO Alt - which is going to be $500 for the one i'm looking at, and maybe an optima yellow up front? Any help appreciated.
  5. Setup - 1999 Ford Expedition 5.4L 2 x 15" MTX 9500 1ohm setup Crunch GP3000D Amp ----------- Electrical: Big 3 of course - 1/0 Gauge Stock Alternator - I JUST replaced this thing a month ago, previous alternator crapped out on me. Question: Will the D3100 battery (second) be enough to handle the electrical? I plan on getting an Optima Yellow up front. Worse case scenario, I can always just upgrade the alternator. But i'd rather not if I don't have to. I just want a good steady voltage. ----------- I was planning on going with 2 18 BTLs, but found a great deal for 2 15 9500s for only 500 total - so I'm going to jump on it. Any/all answers are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. alex_velociti

    Not positive on what to get

    Thanks a lot for all of the replies. I have been looking into alternators. Can't seem to find an Iraggi for my expedition however. I have tons of research to do - and guess thats why i'm here. Everyone has been very responsive. It is appreciated. I think i'ma just go with 2 18s lol Go big or Go Home right? Wow, this is a big project. Hopefully I'll have everything done by the end of spring. I'm going to work on dampening and electrical first. Then move onto the enclosure and the rest is down hill.
  7. alex_velociti

    Not positive on what to get

    Yeah. But i guess 2 18s would be even better..... If i want to push 6k watts, what amperage alternator am I going to have to get? Is that even possible w/out getting multiple alternators? Why extra batteries? I thought they put a strain on the alternators
  8. alex_velociti

    Not positive on what to get

    What do I want? I'm not sure lol So undecisive at this moment. If I do the 2 15's it'll be louder right? I'd def strap 2 3000s together I'll be upgrading my big 3 and getting an alternator. Won't be getting any batteries - because i don't plan on using it while the truck is off. Might get a yellow top up front though.
  9. alex_velociti

    Not positive on what to get

    Looking at the sundown amps of course :-D From what it seems like, I can't go wrong. And i found them new for 899 for the 3000 - so thats not bad at all.
  10. alex_velociti

    Not positive on what to get

    Yeah thats what I'm set on. But i was mainly trying to see what would be my best option as far as 1 18 or 2 15" drivers? And do you have any experience with the 9500s? how do they compare?
  11. alex_velociti

    Not positive on what to get

    Sorry for all of the NooB questions lately. I'm just undecisive right now. I do know I want to go with the BTL drivers, but not sure which combination. I have the budget, I have the space required. I'm not sure if I want 2 15" BTLs with 2k each or 1 18" btl with 3000-3500 to it. How do the Btl's compare to the MTX 9500 and the JL W7? Personally, I dont care for the JL, but I love the 9500s. Vehicle we're looking at is a big ol expedition. Plenty of room for something nice and loud. Not to sound childish, but I want something so loud, i can barely sit in the vehicle with it at max - if at all. i put a 15" 9500 in the back of a prelude once, and it was plenty loud then. - But i want better.
  12. alex_velociti

    spl box size for btl-18 recomendation

    test - sorry server acting up, just trying to see if this will post.
  13. alex_velociti


    I agree. 4 15"s are unecessary to beat the competition. I'll tell you something else, and its just being honest. If you get 2 good quality 15''s, build the enclosure properly - and have an overall better setup, I bet you will beat his 4 15s....and you'll be able to save room up front. Unless you want something mainly for show - then that'll be something different. DB-R sells the SAZ3000D for fairly cheap. I'm going to purchase mine from them.
  14. alex_velociti

    FI BTL Quick Question

    Thats cool. I'm going to do some more research on those amps. I c u have one from your sig. Where the hell did u find an iraggi alternator? I can't seem to find a homepage or anything - been searching on google. The only thing I CAN find is on ebay. - but then again, I can't find an Iraggi HO alternator for my expedition. I did however find a 250amp HO alternator from Motorcityreman.com - it claims it does 120-140amps at idle. And 250 max.
  15. alex_velociti

    FI BTL Quick Question

    Thanks for the quick responses. I fiured it was an older version - thanks. FYI: only doing 1 18" BTL Fully loaded in an expedition - lots of room for big box. What do you think about the amp? This seems like the most difficult part.... Thinking about the SAZ-3000, TE4001D, MMats 3500.1, or the AQ3500D..... More or less, if i'm going to spend money, I want good quality. Now, pretty much I've heard pros and cons of most of them. I'm very interested in the sundown amp; however, if I'm going to spend that much, I'd probably be more willing to get an MTX TE4001D - and spend a little less. The MMATS and AQ are last on my list - but would appreciate some opinions on those amps as well. I think the AQ is fairly new, so I won't get too many reviews.