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    2 ohm load

    alright. its just barely out the other side, not in the way of touching the basket or the other wire. thanks guys!
  2. i need to wire my sub at 2 ohms. the blue line on the right that goes from 1 of the positive's, to 1 of the negative's, is that 1 piece of speaker wire or is it both that i twist together and put in the terminal? like speaker wire has a positive and negative, do i separate it and only use one side, or do i twist together and just use both? hopefully my questions makes sense. thanks guys.
  3. casedawg350

    2 ohm load

    sweet. thanks! 1 more question, i DO NOT want the speaker wire sticking out the other side of the push terminal right? or does it matter?
  4. casedawg350

    2 ohm load

    i have 12awg Stinger speaker cable.
  5. casedawg350

    2 ohm load

    alright thanks for the quick reply! i have a kicker 750.1 and 4awg Knu wire.
  6. casedawg350

    How long

    one of my buddies ordered a Fi, and when he got it the terminals had come loose. so he sent it back. and within that day they had one shipped already. not bashing Fi, and have read they are hand made from NIck and Scott, but to me thats a little weird...
  7. casedawg350

    box mounted amp

    Honestly Ive had all my sub amps on the box for every system I have had for 4 years and never hurt an amp from that, usually came from my stupidity with the controls or sub wiring to low of an ohm load. Some say do it, some say dont do it but if you dont have the room then thats you gotta go. On the other hand if you do have extra room in the trunk or cab of the truck then use the extra room to mount it their. That was not the cause of the amp blowing, that was because of the hifonics an Im glad I didnt buy one like I wanted to and did research over the past couple of years for them and they have to many that go bad while some have great success with them (50/50 quality, not good enough for me). Just get a better quality amp and you will be ok, good luck in the future and bang on. oh ik it didnt blow cause i put it on the box. i was just making a joke out of it. ik they are junk, BUT, it was cheap. and a 1 year warranty. so i figured why not. good thing lol. putting it on the box was the easiest and coolest place.
  8. sort of a noob question, but just wanna make sure. after having my stuff for sale for 2 months, and no one buying it, i decided to make it work in my truck. im gonna be running the set-up in my sig, and was wondering if it would be safe to mount my amp to my box. there's not really any other good place to put it, so i figured why not. its a sturdy box made out of 3/4 mdf. thanks!
  9. casedawg350

    box mounted amp

    well, guess it was a bad idea mounting it on the box. had the amp sitting for a couple months trying to sell, decide to mount it on box and put it in my truck. and today, after a HALF HOUR of use, it blows! white smoke everywhere.
  10. got everything installed!

  11. got everything installed!

  12. got everything installed!

  13. casedawg350

    Custom 12" Sub

    im in central indiana. ik what you guys are saying about the mainstream. its ridiculous. the local shop sells ALL RF and JL. EDIT: it actually says on RF's website: "Protective PVC textured magnet cover"
  14. whats your electrical like?
  15. casedawg350


    welcome! ChicagoFan and I are form the Southside!
  16. and you haven't introduced us!?
  17. casedawg350

    box mounted amp

    i got it figured out. im gonna put the amp on the floor under the seat, and the sub next to it. and just leave the back seat up. and if i need to just move the box on top of the seat if someone is gonna sit back there.
  18. casedawg350

    box mounted amp

    well the truck is an ext. cab, so it was either mount it on the box, or under the seat. guess ill see of i can make it work under the seat.
  19. casedawg350

    While at the carwash...

    i always turn mine down around the school, and at stop lights. and in little roads with houses close to the road i turn it down. i especially turn it down in the neighborhood. i dont want anyone stealin my stuff. just out of respect as well. good job OP! btw OP, what part of Indiana are you in?
  20. casedawg350

    Dark Skin

    i LOVED the blue and black of the old system. hopefully there will be one similar in the new one! P.S. there's no way of telling where the quotes end on this skin. will all of them be like that?
  21. casedawg350

    'How to behave on an internet forum'

    do the opposite everyone on ca.com does? to the video, NICE! good info! :thumbsup:
  22. casedawg350

    Wisdom Teeth

    my whole thing was like 2 grand. insurance covered it though.
  23. casedawg350

    Wisdom Teeth

    had mine taken out last monday. never really swelled up. 3rd day was the worst BY FAR! 3 hours after was pretty miserable though i got really sick and felt sick all day. im still sore and just now being able to eat cheeseburgers and things like that. the doc told me on average it takes about 2 weeks to be FULLY able to eat anything. they gave me 2 different pain meds though so that was never really a problem. also, MAKE SURE to use the syringe and rinse out the holes after about a week. you'll be amazed at the stuff that will come out.
  24. casedawg350

    Rushnrun's Dodge Ram 1500 install

    I fully understand your concern/question... SO breifly.. Been Jobless for three months now (maybe more???). Sold off all my extra vehicles and some of my toys--ok most of the fun stuff--ATV's, Dirt Bikes, Extra LCD TV's, Extra HTS equipment, slimmed down the stereo pile, ect..... I've had the stuff for this build for some time now--(before I ever lost my job), I planned on doing this last year but I didn't have the time for the build with my work (it was originally going into my 99civic). So now I have the stuff and all the time in the world. Only a few odds and ends have to be purchased---metal for the rack and some various wiring, I've already got the aluminum bars for the battery connections.. ---I've got a stack of mdf and OSB as well... the build will only cost about 100 out of my pocket at this time. So I'm pretty well set to utilize my free time. dude, you have the PERFECT life style going right now!! ***I don't condone spending money on things you can't afford, however, after selling off my toys I'm in a fairly confortable position to play for a while (and support myself).. not to mention that my Old lady will/can take care of me (not that I'm planning on taking advantage of that). ****Job market is very terrible here.... there's literally nothing worth going for (Lowes/menards would be about the best choice--9 bucks an hour--wooopty doooo... Not worth my time.....Yet... ). My Old lady is stuck here for one more year then we'll be moving anyway. She's perfectly fine with me not working as long as I continue to sell off my toys/ do some odd jobs to help. Hopefully that satisfies your mind...
  25. casedawg350

    Can't Believe What I Saw

    sounds like something Sinister Autosports says. am i right?