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    installing car audio<br />working on cars and motorcycles<br />welding <br />upgrading my own system
  1. 1nigger

    new car!

    my max dimensions are 12" tall 30" wide and 32" deep 12"x30"x32"
  2. 1nigger

    new car!

    ok i will get measurements soon i want to sell the 18 so i could get maybe 2 8" sundowns or 10"s i dont have any goals just sq and have some bump
  3. 1nigger

    new car!

    i sold my crx i coudnt keep fixing it anymore my transmission went out i have bought the 18 xcon when they were on sale used for $300 and i now financed a 2003 acura cl!!! i miss my rex and now i cant use my 18 xcon i need help deciding new system i dont wanna tear my new car up but i want it to be loud and have some sq without tearin it up
  4. Lol ok ill take some pics I don't feel as my work is anywhere close to good enough for pics I got a new Kenwood excelon kdc-x794 today pics coming soon
  5. i am gonna definatly take your advice Denim! i might have to get a new headunit tho i installed a amp to my componet set and i only get sound from the right speaker and nothing from the left and the noise i get it is popping too the whole time its a brand new amp my headunit is a pioneer supertuner like 06 i think i have 6 channel stinger stage 3 rca and jl 250.2 just a cheap amp got a good deal for it
  6. Oh and I have no back seats notorious mine is a dx
  7. I will post some pics I still haven't measured dimensions going to today when I wake up my friends 18 xcon in a burb is pretty low so I'm sure its gonna murder my Rex I'm excited I'm still waitin To order a amp hoping to find a good deal around 350 give or take 50 looking at hifonics brutus or AQ 2200. db-r had saz 1500 on sale but there all gone anyone have anything for sale? 1 ohm stable
  8. Bought the 18" xcon finally!! Waitin on tracking numbers crx is gonna have some bass again
  9. I don't have the money for 4 icons 10s or 12s that would be the dream for me but power and batts I don't have that big of a budget I seen the used 18" xcon on the store I could go with a single xcon but I still haven't measured my dimensions I want some bass soon is the xcon used still up for sale? I am wanting this for daily listening to since I drive 30 mins to work almost everyday I drive around a lot any opinions help I am headed to work now and plan on buying something tonight pm me if you have something for sale thanks for the input
  10. I haven't purchased the subs yet ill measure dimensions in the morning I am gonna be using this as a daily street beater but I wanna be really loud I know having a crx isn't hard to get loud and I wanna get the best subs for the money I got a friend to buy a 18 in xcon for a suburban and I thought about one 15 in xcon but I wanna move the most air possible
  11. I've got a 91 crx dx and I've been withoutbass for a while taxes are in and I'm ready to purchase some subs. I'm not set on what I want yet I have 2 15 icons. I've had many ideas and my spending limit on a sub, or subs but I need help deciding. I don't have a amp yet I want to get a 1 ohm stable amp for the subs or sub but what coils would i g3t? Any other sub ideas throw them at me and if you can answer my questions please do! I'd like to get sponsered but dont know what it takes
  12. 1nigger

    Silverado Rebuild. 4 DC Lvl 4XL 18's In A BlowThrough

    Nice build
  13. 1nigger

    Nightshade v.2 Teaser Picture

    Just got a good payin job at the right time!! Any combo sales with a 3000D ?
  14. i just got a lightning audio storm x2.h15. v4 and ive been looking for a new recone does anyone know where i might find a new recone?
  15. 1nigger

    Sundown SA-8 Prototype Factory Picture

    or in my crx still havent decided on new subs been looking at 15's and 8's