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  1. ANeonRider

    Alpine PXA-H701/C701, PDX4.100, VPA-B222 and more

    Hey Sean. PM me your email. Lol, no plans on letting go of the SLS's or the one-off 15" IB I have. Home audio project for another day. H701 combo is sold.
  2. Former SSA regular (about 5 years ago), getting out of the game. Equipment collecting dust and 2 kids keep me busy now. I have available: Alpine PXA-H701 audio processor w/RUX-C701 controller $400 obo Alpine PDX4.100 4x100W Class D amplifier $300 obo Alpine DHA-S690 6 Disc DVD changer $200 obo Alpine VPA-B222 Vehicle Hub Pro $250 obo Alpine KCA-420i Ipod controller with 120GB Ipod Classic $50 obo Alpine VPA-B211A Vehicle Hub $50 obo Sony XM250 2x50W amplifier $40 obo All of this audio equipment is in decent shape, never abused but shows its age and many different installations. Willing to package deal on multiple items. Shipping is included with tracking. Pictures: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/ANeonRider/library/Stereo%20Equipment%20for%20Sale Email palmier.scott@gmail.com for quickest response as I obviously don't get here often.
  3. ANeonRider

    5.25 Mid range looking to change

    You don't need 2 midranges, where did that come from? Nobody said that. Peerless SLS 8, and HiVi 3" midband drivers are a good choice, there are others too. There are out of the box passive sets available too, but that is where $$ comes in.
  4. ANeonRider

    Fo and Fs

    Fs is the free air resonant frequency. Fo doesn't exist as a t/s parameter. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/i...p?showtopic=141
  5. ANeonRider

    5.25 Mid range looking to change

    Read what he typed again.
  6. ANeonRider


    NO, cold will not hurt your equipment. NO, cold will not bust subs. NO, frost on the cone will not hurt your speakers.
  7. ANeonRider

    Welcome to the IHoP

    I just took a look at their last 10Q in August, even that wasn't looking too good Apparently they don't file their 10K until February...it'll be interesting to see what that looks like... That info is so silly because they need a full over haul and reassessment of their entire place. * Retiming select vehicle programs in North America and Europe by three to 12 months, i.e. lengthening product lifecycles * Deferring capacity expansion projects * Lower sales promotion spending, i.e. less advertising * Less support of dealer network activities and channel consolidations * Scaling back production * Curtailing discretionary spending (travel, consulting, over-time, etc.) * Increase reduction in force from 20 to 30% Okay so lets go point by point of the above list. > Lowering an already mediocre level of quality, fit & finish, reliability, and competitiveness. > They are way past their limits, they need to run far away from anyone that says or thinks expansion. > I have been complaining about their relentless advertising, and how the money should be spent on the development and improvement of their sub par line up. > Nice move, lower dealer support so they are less informed and helpful to the customers with problems with their newly bought vehicles. > No need to produce what they produce now, cutting production numbers should have occurred years ago. > Too easy. > GM lay-off's? No, never. Idiots. I think they should overproduce for the next 3 months like mad, then fire the unions and start hiring realizing that they can't produce for 6 months. Luckily the engineering isn't unionized so they could also use the time to re-evaluate all designs and make improvements. I believe they can only proceed without the unions if they file for bankruptcy. So, they might be heading in that direction soon.
  8. ANeonRider

    amp malfunction

    Amp repair time.
  9. ANeonRider

    Computer speakers

    Enclosure size might be effected as well.
  10. ANeonRider

    Welcome to the IHoP

    19 degrees here, longest fall I've experienced, still were in the 65 degree range last week.
  11. ANeonRider

    amp malfunction

    I believe it is a wiring to the amp problem.
  12. ANeonRider

    Welcome to the IHoP

    I ran mine alongside the water heater exhaust. Super fast and easy. I just dropped a 2 oz fishing weight on 50lb test from the attic to the basement and pulled the wire up. Or should I say wires as I ran 8 cat6's, 6 rg6's and a bunch of speaker wire. That would work too I imagine. I need to get up in the attic & look. Probably will be up there tonight/tomorrow when I install the satellite & RG6.
  13. ANeonRider

    Computer speakers

    After years of having some type of system in the office for music, I have found headphones to be the best for enjoying it, while still keeping the peace in the house. For as little as $100, you can get some great cans too!
  14. ANeonRider

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Have to figure out how I'm going to wire the CAT6 network & RG-6 satellite with a finished basement. Likely use the chimney space & run a 2" conduit through it from the attic to the utility room, then do drops to where I need it through the wall top plate in the attic.
  15. ANeonRider

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Must have a giant room to excite.