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  1. negativezeroz

    Personal Banners for SSAudio

    what about JBL 601.1 and JBL W10GTi? could throw Pioneer DEH-7400MP in there somewhere...id greatly appreaciate it
  2. negativezeroz

    Anyone have a local JBL dealer?

    i have a local JBL dealer...where i bought my 601.1
  3. negativezeroz

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    check sig
  4. negativezeroz

    Realistically unlimited budget system: What would

    What aboutJBL A6000GTi? if he has an "unlimited budget" a couple grand for an amp shouldnt be a prob
  5. negativezeroz

    My New Car!

    sweet car..the KA24 does alright but an SR20DET would be nice
  6. negativezeroz


    iknow snova and aneonrider u guys dont know me that well from CA.com but yea...more people are probably going to leave CA.com..phoneman and phat will have it all to themselves
  7. negativezeroz


    yo man you just left CA.com lol same here im still there but just joined here..tired of the phoneman and phat bullchit over there
  8. negativezeroz

    How did you guys find SSA???

    from CA.com
  9. negativezeroz


    yo just saying hi..new to this forum