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    Second Skin Promotion - 10 free Door Packs

    . Post your SSA user name 2. State that you qualify to the terms and agree to follow through with them as they are written above. 3. Post a description of your car and system 4. Post how you plan on helping promote Second Skin including the other web site you will post your build log in. (Rembmer build logs and videos are always better for us) 5. You must tell us something about yourself that nobody on this forum knows about you traksta15 I qualify and i agree Car: 2003 silverado ex cab, sub: Mach 5 ixl 10.2.2, sub amp: hifonics txi-1000d, h/u: Kenwood ddx712, components: boston z6's, comp amp: arcaudio 300.4 (giving each z6 approx 360rms each), 0ga knu power wire. I'll promote secondskin by posting a build log on caraudio.com (6 year member), ssa.com, fullsizechevy.com, stickers on my truck, etc etc, whatever they want me to do pretty much. Something no one know about me: I can lick my elbow........
  2. traksta15

    AudioQue Build

    looks good man, I want some audioque subs!
  3. traksta15

    Big Dave's Truck Project

    wow...........great work!!
  4. traksta15

    How much should i charge?

    wow....im building a box and installing an amp for this guy i used to go to school with for materials + $20 bucks......
  5. traksta15

    Drawing on the cone

    what about something that makes an optical illuion when it moves in and out?kinda hard to explain.....
  6. traksta15

    2 rl-i8s ported

    what do the rli-8's compare to spl wise??how loud do they get?
  7. traksta15


    US Acoustic-good budget amps, do rated power (more i think actually) Memphis-good solid amps, little pricey though Hifonics-lil overrated i hear, but i like mine just fine MA Audio-good amps, good prices Infinity-no idea???
  8. traksta15

    to trade or not

    he just sold it for $180 w/ the box to some kid. I was like dude u tore him a new a$$hole!!oh well....hey do ya'll know profile has an online factory direct store on their website, where u can buy refurbs or older models for cheap??!!i think im gonna buy one of the blue amps....they just as good as the newer ones??
  9. traksta15


    i wanna get metered....anybody seen any 2000spl's get metered??my goal is 140's.......
  10. traksta15

    to trade or not

    they can take 500rms daily?i was just gonna push 2-300 to it....i was thinkin 2.5 tuned to 32hz?ya think that'll be alright?what does the memphis pr compare to????are they an sq or spl sub?LSQ?
  11. traksta15

    to trade or not

    my friend just got a 15" memphis power reference sub in a q logic box, and i'm thinkin about tradin him all this for it...... 1. fultron crossover<---freebie 2. RF fused distro block<---freebie 3. Clarion apa4100 (25x4)<---freebie 4. RF 17' power wire w/fuse and all<---freebie 5. 2 or 3 scosche rca cables<---came in a walmart wiring kit ($25.00) 6. I told him i'd throw in some cash, i said just whatever he thinks after all this (shouldn't be more than around $20-$30) http://www.memphiscaraudio.com/products/de...?cat=&id=58&p=2 heres a link to it, in case u were wonderin what it was (doubt u were though) i've never heard them before, but being memphis, and i've heard they are da*n good subs, i'll probably hook it up to a 2-300 watt profile amp......any thoughts or reviews on these subs??TIA
  12. traksta15

    sub bottoming out

    wow, thanks for all the info, the old bos was like around 2.6 cubes (prefab from bb). my friend has 2 he 12's in a 89 transam off a 500 watt rf (5002 i think), and u can hardly talk in the car when its hittin...he's killin me right now, i think im gonna build a box that goes down in the dip, not sure if its gonna be ported or sealed though......
  13. traksta15

    sub bottoming out

    i did the math an with the same box volume, it only raised it from 33hz to 36Hz, will this be that audible??and what did it matter that my amp is mono?<---j/w btw, and when i use an online calculator and go to enter my box volume i've always entered my net vol after wood thickness is accounted for,and sub disp too of course....is this right??
  14. traksta15

    sub bottoming out

    i know they're not blown, i had them in a sealed box last week and took them out just to install them in this box...im gonna go with leaks, and the 5" hack.....but don't i need to use end correction though?thanks again for all the help, u guys always know what to do!!!! p.s. i believe it does get better as the frequency goes higher....(don't hold me to it though) what would this mean if this is true???
  15. traksta15

    sub bottoming out

    i tried turning down the bass and the loud, and u hear almost no bass, when u turn it up, u get horrible sq. is the box messed up calculation wise??