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  1. A little over two weeks and New Mexico is in the rear view.

  2. Dutchie.

    yes im a newbie lol

    You got that right! Welcome to the site!
  3. Dutchie.

    SSA Member Meet (East Coast)

    Sounds good to me!
  4. Dutchie.

    SSA Member Meet (East Coast)

    I have to report the 7th of July, so I could do up to then.
  5. Dutchie.

    SSA Member Meet (East Coast)

    I have to report early July. I have the third week of May to the first week of July.
  6. Dutchie.

    Chat-time! 730pm MST/830pm CST/930pm EST

    School filter + chat = Broken
  7. Dutchie.

    SSA Member Meet (East Coast)

    Any updates on this?
  8. Dutchie.

    1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71

    It sounds like a great start so far. I wish I got into systems when I was 15 .. Good luck with the build!
  9. Dutchie.

    4th order build continued (M5)

    I see what there saying. And I want to see Sean's response, and their response to his questions. I think it all comes down to: How did the box builders come up with the measurements, volumes, and tuning. And why? And what did they change / do to make it work better for the specific vehicle. M5 wants to know what was their reasoning for their math on the enclosure. And they want to know how he can say it will have a very non linear response when he hasn't heard it, or doesn't know the vehicles cabin characteristics. And M5 would want to know what they did with their knowledge of the cabin characteristics, and how they used it to make the enclosure. I'm I right everyone? Sound fair? Sounds fair to me.
  10. Dutchie.

    Best place to buy 1/0 gauge?

    Yeah that's priced by foot. And you can make a wire snake out of a straightened out coat hanger or something. It's just something that's easier to feed through and under things than the wire. Then tape the wire to the end of it and pull the wire through.
  11. Dutchie.

    4th order build continued (M5)

    I'm just gonna say for the most part M5 knows his stuff. He knows it really really well, he just has a different way of saying things. The comment about Florida was pretty messed up, but as he said it was an emotional post. I think a thread like this serves no purpose other than an "I told you so." I vote to leave this issue alone and move along in our lives. People say things, but as long as you are happy with your setup, don't let it bother you. And at that, I am out.
  12. Dutchie.

    Best place to buy 1/0 gauge?

    I usually get my wire from knukonceptz. I think I can help you hiding your wire. Try running it under the carpet. Get a wire snake and feed it through, shouldn't be too bad. Will the wire fit under the plastic interior panels by the doors?
  13. Dutchie.

    how hot should a subwoofer get

    They should get just a little bit warm to touch. Nothing very warm or hot.
  14. Dutchie.

    help with system.

    Well, they are rated at 1000rms a piece, so the Audioque 2200d would be perfect if you are going to stick with Audioque.
  15. Dutchie.

    North Dakota Noob

    Welcome to SSA
  16. Dutchie.

    2009 Malibu Build (2 B2 Audio CC 12")

    Thanks man but everything is wired good just got done pulling the box and wiring 4 ohms, Im stumped the vids are deff really generous about the flex thats happening, but to the ear its not loud as it should be, the dash barely if at all has any flex and door mirrors barely move. It could just be the positioning of the speakers and port. I was at a local shop and this guy made his own box and was really unhappy with the output. It was quiet with the car all sealed up, but as soon as you opened the back door, all the sound came through. It was the weirdest thing ever. Try sealing the trunk off or something, that may help.
  17. Dutchie.

    2009 Malibu Build (2 B2 Audio CC 12")

    When I wired my friend's speakers for the first time they seemed to be bottoming out really bad and had almost no volume. We checked and rechecked all the h/u and amp settings to see how they were set and everything was fine. We finally decided to pull one of the speakers out of the box to find a wire had fallen out of the terminal of the speaker. Popped it back in, made sure both speakers were wired correctly, and all the volume and everything came back. Maybe that's your culprit? It's worth a shot.
  18. Dutchie.

    BL or BTL for this amp..

    Go BTL, then buy a more powerful amp later down the road. It'll surprise you again.
  19. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

    The timing belt?
  20. Dutchie.

    2 12 SSD subs

    How big are the holes?
  21. Dutchie.

    SSA Member Meet (East Coast)

    I'd be down depending on when and where.
  22. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

    I want to wait to install them, but knowing me as soon as I have them they will be on. Good man, you won't be disappointed. Do much off-roading?
  23. Looking forward to seeing how it holds up. You could also tack weld the top of that steel brace to the car, then just bump the tacks with a grinder when you need to remove them.
  24. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

  25. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Search and search for a good deal, read reviews, etc. Cowboom has some open box offers and returns from best buy. Everything is dirt cheap there.