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    Dcon time. New Photos & Info

    15's IB friendly?
  2. Recently acquired an e36 m3 coupe. During the hunt for the car, I was also able to purchase a pair of Jehnert door panels with space for 4 6.5 mids. I've hand picked a couple items I had laying around in the garage for this build So far I've got Kenwood DNX9980HD Audison Bit.1 Zed Dreadnought, Zed Leviathan iii, & JL 1200/1 2 SSA Gcon 15's which I'll be trying out IB or possibly 3 JBL mkii 10's. JBL 2426H horns(Found these on craigslist for 100..steal of the century) ID full horn bodies Now, for the front stage, I have 2 options. 1. 4 18sound 6ND430's(4 ohm). 2. 3 18sound 6ND430's(4 ohm) & A pair of Audax PR170M0's for midrange duties. Which sounds more logical from a tuning standpoint? Car
  3. eggyhustles

    Is imaging thrown out the window with 4 mids per door?

    m5, why you make me sad every time I post on here. Kidding. I have my work cut out for me.
  4. eggyhustles

    High quality headphones on the cheap

    I've had good luck with these http://www.amazon.com/JVC-HARX900-High-Grade-Full-Size-Headphone/dp/B0013P3ZOE
  5. eggyhustles

    Is imaging thrown out the window with 4 mids per door?

    of course not those NEED a ported enclosure That's the thing I didn't want to do those kind of mods in this car. The OEM panels cost a small fortune. I was originally going to get the panels that were made for 2 mids per door, but I got these at a steal.
  6. eggyhustles

    Is imaging thrown out the window with 4 mids per door?

    Thanks Needs a little bit of exterior tlc, but she runs beautifully. Handles like it's on rails and pulls HARD. May not even touch it performance wise.
  7. eggyhustles

    Is imaging thrown out the window with 4 mids per door?

    I've included them in the OP
  8. eggyhustles

    Is imaging thrown out the window with 4 mids per door?

    I could've went with 1 driver, but they don't like to be played much below 120hz.
  9. eggyhustles

    Is imaging thrown out the window with 4 mids per door?

    Figured much. Would it be wise to fill in 2 holes on the panels and possibly go with a midbass + midrange combo? Or would 2 midbass per work? I can play the JBL's down to 800hz and the midbass should play up that high with no issues.
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    Reggae music again?!

  11. eggyhustles

    Reggae music again?!

  12. eggyhustles

    Reggae music again?!

    i like the old stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKGnDXEbPsE
  13. eggyhustles

    Other Front Stage OptionsJ

  14. eggyhustles

    Ultra Budget Subwoofers!

    SSA dcon JBL GTO CSS SDX Dayton HO Sundown SA Infinity 110, or 120.9 Alpine type s Kicker solo classic(ebay only)
  15. eggyhustles

    switching rear co-axles to just mids?

    m5 is right. I was in your shoes years ago...and 5 sets of components later, I went the DIY route. You have 2 15's in the trunk. It's going to take more than a 6.5 mid and 100 watts to balance it out.
  16. eggyhustles

    Xcon 15" Review

    Because they're apples to oranges?
  17. eggyhustles

    Xcon 15" Review

    Say that you liked the xcon then. Can the xcon get louder? Yes Sound better? Yes Do both better than a w7 in ideal applications? No. You're doing the w7 a great disservice. They really shouldn't be compared in the first place.
  18. eggyhustles

    Xcon 15" Review

    2 12's ? Man i already feel myself beginning deaf after a 30 second blast with my 15" be careful man!Lol! These subs are really astounding especially at their price range. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to exceed w7 performance for a better buck. Great sub, but let's chill out with saying it's better than a w7.
  19. eggyhustles

    New Car, New Build

    sounds like a great opportunity to try infinite baffle? If not, from that list, w7 or mkii
  20. eggyhustles

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    use daz loader for win 7 activation
  21. eggyhustles

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    Infinity speakers My ears hurt already
  22. eggyhustles

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Told meade i was louder than his lexus & he banned me Insecurity is a mother
  23. eggyhustles

    Audiopipe amps

    p1000.1 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Precision-Power-P1000-1-1000W-1-Channel-Phantom-Class-D-Monoblock-Amplifier-/400458451946?pt=Car_Amplifiers&hash=item5d3d2f0bea
  24. eggyhustles

    Incriminator Pro Audio

    low standardsPossibly. I couldn't really get a dynamic sounding setup with a conventional car audio speakers. Or should I say, I couldn't get what I wanted from them. The pro stuff matched my goals.