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  1. Looking at going with a 16v setup so id like to pick up a 16v charger. Just wondering which everyone prefers and why. It's in between the turbo start 25A charger and the xs power 16v intelicharger or xs power 16v hf charger. Also what are the benifits of the two xs power chargers vs each other. I figure the hf is a cater charge but I don't know. Thanks. Btw I'm using the xs power batts
  2. mikee72

    SA-15 Cutout and OD dimensions

    14 1/16 on my Jasper jig worked for me today 14 and 1/8 had a little slop in it
  3. mikee72

    Rear loading wall for a wall

    Did you ever try it
  4. mikee72

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    You can fit over 10 cubes in a seat level box in an explorer so more than enough room for a single 18 or 2 15s and may be able to squeeze 2 18s but that depends on what 18s and power
  5. mikee72

    Loudest you've ever heard

    thats funny as hell as in just last week a guy was tellin me tht the mtx jachammers are capable of 300dbs and i was like wtf r u smokin but he wouldnt believe a word i said and for me its prob tommy mckennies truck.
  6. mikee72

    4th order, 6th order, or ported

    have you thought about a t line?
  7. mikee72

    Ascendant Audio Mayhem 15

    look into the dds they have some monster amps
  8. mikee72

    2 21" dp build log

    no prob if phades at the show tomoro ill get some pics for yall of the new build.
  9. mikee72

    2 21" dp build log

    that was the old box
  10. mikee72


    hey thanks i new how to do all the math for it but was just wondering if having a common chamber would throw everything off. im actually gona try this on a tangband 6.5 first and then 2 ia dp21s but thanks for reassuring me with everything
  11. mikee72


    so if i wanted it tuned higher id just use less port length and thanks for the links. also have you heard of the comon chamber thing or was i misinformed. also what were the specs that were vital to making a tline sound good and thanks once again
  12. mikee72


    hey all been looking to make a t-line for a large scale project but wanted to start off with something small in case it doesn't turn out so well. now i no the port area has to be the same as the subs cone area, and the length is the speed of sound divided by the fs of the sub then divided again by four. but ive been told some have a common chamber and some don't and also im trying to figure out how to tune it or can you only tune it to the fs of the sub? any help would be greatly appreciated and ill let you guys know how it turns out once im done thanks mike E
  13. mikee72

    8th order bandpass

    havent decided yet prob pvc for ease of tunning
  14. mikee72

    8th order bandpass

    has anyone here tried to build an 8th order bandpass. i ask because i have had decent succeswith the 4th and 6th orders but now im thinking of trying a 8th order just for spl and was wondering if anyone had any experience building one
  15. mikee72

    5.25 inch components

    actually had planed on doing a fourth order until i saw the car in person but the gas tank runs all the way up to but a half an inch from the top. amd its weird the rear deck from the inside is perfectly sealed off no holes for 6x9s or anything but if you look through the trunkyou can see that the steel is stamped for a 6x9 on the drivers side. and i think the tank on his is actually 24 gallons