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  1. It's been awhile since I've been here working 60+ hours aweek. First off, I love my clarIon SSW1200 and have been very pleased with it. I'm looking at lowering the overall wattage in my stereo. I'm looking at the SSA subs. My retirements: SQ Want some good output, SPL. And HAS to fit in a 1.45 cf ported box that is tuned to 37Hz. I simply don't have the room for a bigger box. Let me know please, what's good for 400 wrms AND 1000 wrms both at 4 ohms.
  2. smgreen20

    Thinking about getting a new sub

    I'll be looking into the subs suggested, but I must be honest. It hit me last night, but I'm really leaning towards the TREO TE. I used to have 2 TREO SSi12.22's and loved them.
  3. smgreen20

    Thinking about getting a new sub

    I'm on my phone at work, lunch break, so my time is limited, but what are the costs of these subs? Link.
  4. It's cut first, boost last. Some times you have no choice but to boost. The adjustments you can make with the DQS you are referring to are the 2 bands parametric per channel. You can choose the amount of effect over the selected bandwidth. Ex: You select 500 Hz as the freq. You can then choose how far out to effect other freqs. 1/6, 1/3, ...1 oct. Both ways. So you will effect 250Hz to 1K Hz if you chose 1 oct. Make sense?
  5. Earthquake PA-4300 Phoenix Gold MPS2250 w/shroud LANZAR Opti500
  6. I'm biased to Clarion for good reasons, but Clarion aside, I would choose the Pioneer.
  7. How about you just sell me the amps? LOL. Well, it's not very powerful. Bridged at 4 ohms you'll be looking at roughly 150 watts. I'd just do 1 sub with a good sensitivity rating and put it in a ported box. Or, you could just sell me the amp.....
  8. smgreen20

    Need a head unit

    Shows what your guy knows. Clarions looks have been questioned in years past in that they had a cheap look to them and I will agree, but Clarions Quality is as good as it's ever been. For me, personally, I'd look into a Clarion HU. They're coming back with top notch HU's w/features people want. BTW, I'm biased to Clarion, but for good reason.
  9. Also known as a full rande signal....... Or am I missing something? Kenwoods quality has been sub par in my experiances. I would pick the Clarion HU over the Kenwood anyday of the week. Just so it's known, I am biased to Clarion, but for good reason. The 2v vs 4v is mearly to help keep engine noise/other emmited noises out of the signal.
  10. smgreen20

    silverado folding rear seat

    You are fine cutting those. The seat will still stay "locked" in the upright position. The tabs are only as long as they are to keep the back from falling forward when you go to lift the seat up. I used "C" channel to raise my seat up 2" and also 1 1/2" forward. Still locks in. Everything is mounted to my back wall. www.carstereo.com/smgreen20 < shows how I did it.
  11. I too would suggest the Leviathan, but also the Phoenix Gold XS6600 and, what I use, Audison LRx5.1k
  12. smgreen20

    Send Chop some love

    Wish you the best man. I know what you're going through, May 4th 2009 Fired from my job after 12 yrs of service, May 25th 2009 my grandmother died (Monticello, KY), Aug 5th 2009 my Father-in-law died, five days later on the 10th of Aug 2009, MY dad died. It was a rough 5 months, but I got through it and whatever life throws at you and your family you'll get through it too. In my prayers man.
  13. smgreen20

    Need some inexpensive 5.25's....

    $51.00 shipped. I'll be ordering a set for the wifes car in a few weeks. I use the 6 1/2"s in my truck and wouldn't use another mid. I have the PG RSDC's too and they are good, but their mid to the Silver Flutes, SF hands down. BTW, I'm very biased to d@mn near everything PG. https://www.madisound.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=45_228_254&products_id=843
  14. smgreen20

    active set up cheap suggestions

    I would, personally, up the total to $250. They're old school amps but built like tanks and have some of the best SQ even in todays market and the amp will allow you to go fully active on the fronts w/o processing, the amp.... Phoenix Gold ZX450. It has one of the most complex/flexible xovers in/on an amp. You can HP the tweets from 300Hz up to ~5k Hz, and you can bandpass the mids from 30Hz to ~5k Hz. I have one and loved it. It sits as a collectors item now. They usually run for about $250 on ebay. That's where I would start. And if you have the PG RSD comps, there would be no need to upgrade your speakers.
  15. smgreen20

    "No Limits"

    Well after having my wife TELL me to go play in the garage and put in my other amp in my truck (a 2000 GMC Sierra Z71 ext cab) before it gets to cold, I did it and I'm so pleased w/the sound and looks. Here's a rundown of the equipment used. HU: Eclipse AVN6620 AMP: Audison LRx5.1k MIDS: Silver Flute W17RC38-4 (6 1/2") TWEETERS: Phoenix Gold Elite (1") made by Morel after their MT-23 tweeter SUBS: TREO SSi12.22 (12" dual 2 ohm VC) EQ: AudioControl DQS PROCESSOR: Phoenix Gold BassCube The Truck, HU, I had to modify the dash to fit the double din, as it WAS a din and a half. I still need to finish off the trim around it, but am going to wait until I have to pull the HU back out to run extra cables for the monitors that will be going into the back of the front headrests. AMP, Chs 1/2 ~50w x 2 @ 4 ohms, Chs 3/4 ~160w x 2 @ 4 ohms, Ch 5 ~ 1150w x 1 @ 2 ohms, along w/the BassCube, DQS and +/- distro block. Mids, I need to redo the black trim that is now around the mids enclosure. I need to get pics of it, but am waiting until I get it corrected. Tweets, the pass side A-pillar needs to be touched up a bit too. It cracked a bit when I went to put it in. That shape was from the previous set up I had on them. Subs, The sub box isn't 100% done just yet, maybe ~80%. I'm going to redo the grills for the subs and paint the box w/a textured paint just like the mid pods and A-pillars. I don't have the gains dialed in 100% yet, but it's close and I need to tweek the eqs a bit. The HU has a 7 band para and the DQS is a 30 band graphic x 6 ch, + 2 band para per ch. for a total of 192 bands of eq for the DQS and another 7 = 199 bands of EQ hell. I'm using Eagles Hotel California as a reference disc. So far w/o much tweeking, it sounds great. I can really tel a difference from this amp and the PG ZX450va amp I was using on the mids/highs and that was a great amp in it's own right. I'm an Audison lover for life now after this amp has now spoiled me.
  16. smgreen20

    "No Limits"

    Just as good as the $500 set of Hybrid Audio L6 mids. I would still prefer to have the L6, but for the $30/per mid, I can't justify the cost diff right now. Later perhaps.
  17. smgreen20

    New Season new build

    Close, they're 10"s. 233 watts to each sub and at 30 Hz did a 156.7 IIRC.
  18. smgreen20

    New Season new build

    CRX's are over done, I say go w/the S10 and do this to it I'm sure SOME of you know Hank?????
  19. smgreen20

    09 silverado crewcab LT IAK worktruck THE REMIX

    Even though I can see some ripples in them, they look good. I got tired of the ripples when I did mine a while back, I now sand, fill, sand, fill, sand, fill, and then sand some more. When I get it where I want/like, I use a textured paint from Home Depot to paint them. This textured paint also save a bit on the imperfections as well as blends in w/the rest of the dash. I had to do some repair work on my A-pillars from previous installs and when I put it back in, it cracked at the seams. I'll redo it when time allows. Keep up the work.
  20. smgreen20

    Rare audio stuff

    I'm out now so here they are,
  21. smgreen20

    Rare audio stuff

    I have some Old School HUs. Clarion 7770, DRX9375r, DRX9575Rz. DPH9300. LANZAR Pro series subs and an Opti 150 amp PG Subs, XS, XMAX, Cyclone PG Comps, Ti Elite 6, XS6, Zero Point 5 PG M50 amp I'm at school right now but I'll post pics later.
  22. smgreen20

    Rare audio stuff

    When I was collecting RF's, I kept getting out bid on 200a4's and the like. I need to start to sell off some old equipment soon. You better start at the phoenix phorum site first.......
  23. smgreen20

    Chop's new build log

    Damn! I got in here to late Chop, I have to lean towards the TREOs, but then again I'm bias towards them, but w/VERY good reason. I too am re-doing my install. An Audison LRx5.1k amp for all around and a new Eclipse HU AVN6620. I'll keep YOU updated. RP is hooken me up. When you bringen your ass to Lafayette?
  24. smgreen20

    Hair trick questions...

    All windows closed, but the one w/the girl standing in front of it. My friend, Hanks truck, complete w/hair trick. Oh yea, and uh.... 48 10" subs off of 12 SAZ-1500's.
  25. I'm looking at that ZED amp too, one reason is because of how flexible the xover is on that amp. That is also why I'd choose the amps xover over the AC.