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  1. JBerger

    I cut two fingertips off today

    That coulda been a lot worse! Bump for a new saw blade!
  2. JBerger

    82 Oldsmobile Cutlass Build log

    Nice! I had one of these when I was a kid. It was my first car! Good work!
  3. JBerger

    8 Ball : Relax And Take Notes

    Why not try?
  4. JBerger

    It looks so nice

    Nothing like a fresh sundown amp to make things happy!
  5. JBerger

    Need 0hz-60hz Test Section

    Thanks dude!
  6. JBerger

    Need 0hz-60hz Test Section

    I'd like just that as well as a 60 to 0 sweep Feel free to post links!
  7. JBerger


    I figured that waiting would pay off!
  8. JBerger

    Snow Speakers

    See what happens when you live in a place like Michigan.....
  9. X3 But make sure you keep the volume on the Alpine CD Deck set properly. You may also run into ground loop/engine noise. If the volume is to quiet, turn it up on the CD Deck first but beware that eventually, the pre-out will cause distortion if the CD Deck is turned up to loud. The best thing to do is get a new CD/DVD unit. That way you can do true digital sound with DVD's which there's a night and day difference between Analog and Digital sound Unless you don't plan on watching many DVD's
  10. JBerger

    BL Comparison

    I'm thinking that the one who thinks its a single magnet is full of it. I've seen nothing that says in writing that there's been any change to the BL ever. I just wanted an opinion I can depend on and that's you guys out there. Thanks!
  11. JBerger

    BL Comparison

    I'm looking at 2 used 15" BL's owed by 2 different people. Both are D1's and both are Fully Loaded Daily Subs However, I've been told that 1 has the older style double stacked mag and the other has an identical sized single mag. Did they change the mag design? And if so, will these subs perform differently from one another making them not so good as a pair?
  12. JBerger

    newb singing in

    Whats Up??????
  13. JBerger

    New Sundown 4 channel?

    How about simply building a 4ch to match the 3000D? The 1500D has the 100.4.......
  14. JBerger

    Mercedes Benz E55 AMG goes Sundown Audio

    Impressive work. Nothing like working on anything German! Always a fun challenge!
  15. JBerger

    Testing all the SAZ amps

    So, in reference to the dB being higher in the warmer weather, Why is that? Im sorry for my lack of education, but i'd like to know why its loader when its warmer......