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  1. LuvfiAudio

    FI sub question

    Ok i bought a fi BL sub like last year i think or maybe two years ago..not 100% sure however now i wanna get more subs but now they updated the FI bl so if wanted to add more subs to my setup do i have to replace the ones i have with new FI bl subs or are they similar to where it wont affect the freq and such
  2. LuvfiAudio

    Got my Fi's today! *pics*

    where did you get the amp at what ebay seller?
  3. LuvfiAudio

    New box to tune for More spl then Sq

    Yea i never mentioned i wanted anyone to hear me from far away cause thats only obvious they will. And if i were to roll the windows up the pressure obviously decreases in side of it( well at least for my single cab pickup) I was thinking of tuning my box to 33-35. The drivers are 2 12 fi bl. So 35 would be a good level right for higher pressure? ANYWAYS I GOT ANOTHER QUESTION ok i have 2 subwoofers currently in my single cab pickup in my single cab. Ok and i want to get 1 more 12 but i wanted to to put it in the front of the box since thats the only spot where their is a spot but how would that affect the other subwoofers. since they are all in the same enclosure and well the 2 are facing up towards the ceiling and the third one will be facing the dash window. the box has a high 4 cuft box space not including the port. So at the moment both speakers have around 2.4. So if i put a third each one will have around 1.7 which is still in good standing.
  4. LuvfiAudio

    New box to tune for More spl then Sq

    btw canhow can i get the stickers for my sub of fi...one of them came off so i took the other one off so it match..but i want the fi stick on the dustcap like it usto to have...
  5. OK well i had this box i made in my single cab pick up for my single cab pickup and well atm its tuned pretty low....i hit lows real badass...but the highs suck. SOOooo i am going to go ahead and make a new box that will be tuned differntly. What do you all prefer i mean i want loud bass that can be felt and heard. THe lows can be felt nicely and i can do small window shakes but i was told if i tune the box higher it would hit harder but of course lose sq.... I was thinking of tuning my box to 36. The subs btw are 2 Fi Bl 12'. Well the question i am really asking i guess is what would i achieve if i tune the box low(30) compared to high(37) My videos here http://www.youtube.com/user/0mer09
  6. LuvfiAudio

    What the....

    i feel special the topics was made out of my ignorance
  7. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    That i do...I AM A read more on it tomorrow when i have time..for now i have to go to bed.... anyways thanks so much patented17 you were so much of a big help to me... ok well for now i am going to and check on this question later....for my last and final question lol.... you said 2 subwoofers tat were DUAL 2 can only be wired down to 2 ohms...how come on this http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_c...sp?Q=2&I=22 it goes down to 0.5...
  8. LuvfiAudio

    lincolns....... all big jons,...

    Love the spokes ....i to have a Licoln ..but its a LS...and waste more gas then my current car lol..... so what kind of Fi do you got??? BL,BTL or what?? and they look like 15s
  9. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    ook thank you patent 17 ..... but still dam guy i asked to wire it to 1 ohm.... and i mean it should have been possible....since the box has 2 terminals one for each speaker so i assume each speaker would be able to be wired to 1ohm soo i stll dont understand why he would tell me the lowest he can wire them is 2 ohm.. and if its not to much to ask...which http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_c...sp?Q=1&I=22 is it for a single sub thats DUAL 2 and which one is it on that same website for 2 speakers Dual 2
  10. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    Um near the tip of texas......biggest near city near me is Mcallen or Brownsville.. eh i stilll havent learned much on the ohm crap...but i do thank you all forbeing patient with me because watch this is how my speakers are set atm....i have 2 12 fi bl...with each in a seperate room for itself....and their both DUAL 2 so I AM A use this http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_c...sp?Q=1&I=22 ..this is possible right with a single DUAL 2 Sub
  11. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    that seems like a sarcastic comment...um so its not possible to wire Dual 2 opition down to 1 ohm???? yes or no????
  12. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    dam bastards i paid 20 dollars for some local car shop to wire my subwoofers to 1ohm and told me that they can only be wired down to 2 ohms.....and i was pretty postive that they were the Dual 2 opition... so more and likely they wired it to 4 ohms right??? so tomorrow I AM A wire them my self...thanks
  13. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    eh i am afraid i dont understand lol.... Um well just answr this question for me then...what is the lowest ohm the opition of the Fi subwoofers "Dual 2" be lowered to???
  14. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    DUAL 2 Can be wired down to 1 ohms or .5 ohms??? or no??? and from http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp which impendance would they be??? This is what the website ask....obviously i know how many speakers i got..just dont know which impendance i need to chose for 2 speakers that are dual 2 Select Qty.: 2 speakers Selec Impendance: What opition do i put on that one??? on that website
  15. LuvfiAudio

    Dual 2 would be this one right???

    soo what would it be???