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  1. Eagle

    2 3500's to 0.25

    I did 2 4500's strapped @ 0.5ohm! each amp seen 0.25 before rise. Big diff. over 2ohm strapped I had to roll the vol. to keep the amps from clipping out. I did 10,332 watts @ 1.10 ohm and @ 11.9 volts. (only allowed 3 batterys in my class) So I say go for it! Good luck man.
  2. Eagle

    2010 Accord build

    where you getting 14k from? 2 Sundown 3500d's would be 7000rms not 14k smh.
  3. Eagle

    Prototype Z v.3 Testing

    me likey.
  4. Eagle

    new system build

    I don't think jacob is taking anymore team members at this moment sorry.
  5. Eagle

    ZCON Prototype

    looks good man!
  6. Eagle

    1500D V.2

    They don't say..... "you get what you pay for" for NO reason!! And I have bought cheap 5 dollar walmart RCA's and I got Stinger Expert RCA's in there now, and there is a BIG difference!! But not on sub amps!
  7. Eagle

    1500D V.2

    I run everything Stinger hands down!
  8. Just put another zip tie on it and be done with it!
  9. Eagle

    2 SA-8's and an Audiopipe AP-1000D

    Can't be sq with audiopipe! just saying! Put a Sundown 1000d on the pair of SA-8's Don't do them SA's like that!
  10. Eagle

    Strapping amps

  11. Eagle

    Nightshade v.2 SOLD OUT

    MSRP is. 10'' 665.00 12'' 675.00 15'' 700.00 18'' 740.00
  12. Eagle

    Sundown September Sales / Pre-Orders !

    x2 or any specs on the 200.4 for that matter, I know your under the weather Jacob so whenever you can. Thanks. should be 440x4@1ohm stereo and 880x2@2ohm bridged.