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  1. cmcveigh74

    Bracket Requests

    Bracket. Quad alternator bracket Year. 2007 Make. Chevy Model. Avalanche Engine. 5.3 liter v8
  2. cmcveigh74

    Chevy Avalanche build log

    I have not had any issues yet but i will keep an eye on it.
  3. cmcveigh74

    Chevy Avalanche build log

    Pulse car audio show results feb 20 show
  4. cmcveigh74

    Subwoofers in Doors

    Wow,Im sorry I upset you so much. I didn't mean to hurt your ego.I would like to hear your take on the subject.I'm always open to a different point of view. Please enlighten me on how humans interrupt sound.
  5. cmcveigh74

    Subwoofers in Doors

    Once again I compete in sq comps and have talked alot of sq judges.It is true that bass is omnidirectional.however,the human ear can hear down to 20-30 hz and since you can hear it you can tell what direction it originates from.the whole concept of a sq vehicle is to reproduce a recording as accurate as possible. When was the last concert you went to where the subwoofers were behind you?there have been sucessful sq vehicles with subs in front and back. I'm saying in the perfect world subs should be mounted in front of you. Also Biggs 10 sub was not installed to just fool the judges but the mounting grill for his kickpanels were.If you want to install subs in your door , do it.there are plenty of people in the car audio world that are followers and not leaders.You are never going to know what something sounds like without trying it. 10-15 years ago almost no one used ported spl enclosures now almost everyone does.there would of been the same people here telling you then not to use a large ported box with a ton of port area because it won't be loud it be just be a Infinite baffle install. It's always nice to get other peoples opinion but you need to also sometimes say what the hell.
  6. cmcveigh74

    Subwoofers in Doors

    Can I ask who here actually competes in sq ?
  7. cmcveigh74

    Galacticmonkey's Avalanche Build

    Hello, In my avalanche i have 2 dd9518g's in a 6th order series bandpass box and it sounds great on music.The freqency is flat from 28hz -65hz and a slight peak at 36hz thats where i burp it.trust me if go change to6th order you will gain quite a bit.all you need isto port the small sealed box.make a large port area opening and you can start playing with port area and port length to get what you want.Trust me you will love it more then you already do.
  8. cmcveigh74

    Chevy Avalanche build log

    Here is a update .I have just finished sealing the box off from the cabin and added some ovc to round the ends of the port.I still need to finish painting and adding some more epoxy resin to the box.
  9. cmcveigh74

    XS Batteries Group Buy!!!

    Wow,those are some really good deals.I wish i didn't have all my batteries already.
  10. You have alot of good choices out there.Just make sure you think into the future and pick an amp you can grow with.You can buy a bigger amp and keep the gain all the way down.
  11. Ludman,it was nice to meet you.I'm also a sq guy too who just fell into spl also.Next show i will let you take a listen to my current setup.I'm running DLS iridium 6.3i components running off a JL Audio 450.4 v2 and a rockford 3sixty.2.You can have the best of both worlds.How are you liking the new box?
  12. cmcveigh74

    What did you guys pay for shipping?

    When i bought my 2 q series 15's the shipping was included with the price,That was also 2 years ago.
  13. I have built alot of 4th order bandpass boxes for and they have worked great for cars with a ski boot.You dont have to worry about cutting any important metal in your car.I would recommened a 4th order for your car.I'm currently running a 6th order series tunned bandpass in my truck. and it is loud.
  14. cmcveigh74

    Subwoofers in Doors

    I know alot of sq guys who mount subs in there doors,floor boards,firewall.If you can do it and brace it correctly it will improve your soundstage.All sound should come from the front of you in order to stage you system correctly.However,Its alot harder to get a nice enclosure in the front of the car.Look up the top sq champ Gary Biggs.His Buick regal has a subwoofer mounted in the front firewall.His car was undefeated for along time.
  15. cmcveigh74

    Flared port

    You can make flared ports using pvc pipe which i did and it can really make a difference,almost 1 db for me.