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    New personal best with one woofer =)

    tuning would change with different vehicles so his port length will probably be different than your port length
  2. Jshak07

    Nightshade v.2 -- New Personal best score !

    sundown cuzy please! i always have a bud light or natty light in hand when building and/or installing
  3. Jshak07


    (4) Sa-12 custom built off (2) 3500d in an explorer. ((lookin for a 153-154)) Startin out with just (2) of the Sa-12s custom built off (1) 3500d ((hopin for a 150 out of this set up))
  4. Jshak07

    SA-12 Dual-2 Soon to be Available

    saw the thread shortly after I made this thread what a coincedence
  5. Jshak07

    SA-12 Dual-2 Soon to be Available

    Got these in yet?
  6. sean, your aq 3500 vs my sundown 3500 Once I get my electrical set we can do a direct swap in my truck since it would be easier to get to
  7. Jshak07

    Running 3000D at .25

    if you wire that low eric you wont hold fusing man, amp draws to much current at that load.
  8. Jshak07

    why do people run 2 or 3 runs of zero gauge

    He actually doesnt have stock batt, he has Batcap 3000 under the hood and 2 Batcap 3000's in the bed in a custom built battery box. Is runnin stock alt for now however. I dont actually think he has all 16 runs hooked up right now, I think its just 8, 4 runs of each.
  9. Jshak07

    How does this look

    imo not enough port
  10. Jshak07

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    i cant stop drooling.. Jacob you got e-mail comin!
  11. Jshak07

    Bass Blocker

    I want to put some bass blockers on my speakers until I can upgrade to a set of components. Which one of these would be best to get? http://www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?FTR=Bass+Stopper&search_type=main&WebPage_ID=3&searchFilter=Bass+Stopper
  12. Jshak07

    wall plans

    subs forward, slot port up
  13. Jshak07

    Bass Blocker

    Cool, will do. If you dont mind me askin, why those? Just tryin to learn..
  14. Jshak07

    Bass Blocker

    Right now its just some old fosgate 5x7s that i had runnin of deck power. I am going to get some components and run a 100.4 eventually just not right now and in the mean time I want these to sound half way decent
  15. Jshak07

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    i like hoodies..
  16. Jshak07

    4x Sundown SA-12s On Music - VIDEO

    all your boxes are so dam pretty! I dont work on makin a box pretty until I know it works lol. And I spend so much time tryin different ones I hardly ever get to make on pretty!
  17. Jshak07

    sa-12 SPL

    not for me Jeremy Or is it......? Jacob you got an email comin
  18. Jshak07

    sa-12 SPL

    Who has tested how much power these will take? Will they hold ~1500 watts a piece for around 30 seconds
  19. Jshak07

    4x Sundown SA-12s On Music - VIDEO

    is that a slot ported box?
  20. Jshak07

    Am I good?

    How are your amps going to be wired? Thats a nice sized alternator!
  21. Jshak07


    LOL Its all in good fun man, down in nashville swing by my truck (Blue Ranger with Danger Ranger on the windshield) and we will give ya some tips on getting ext cabs loud