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  1. I'm planning a box for a trunk setup w/ folding rear seat. The subwoofer will be facing the rear and port at the rear or side, and enclosure moved as close to the cabin. What is the rule on height and width clearance of the enclosure in relation to the rear deck and side panels? Is there supposed to be space in between? Can either be flush?
  2. dale315

    Sub options for 2017 Dodge Challenger

    I get what you're saying. I think with the ported 8, the wow factor of it seems cool and always wanted to try one.
  3. dale315

    Sub options for 2017 Dodge Challenger

    Just wanted to try something with a smaller footprint. I'm looking to save as much weight and space with this setup. Max dimensions are 31.5"L x 12"D x 12"H.
  4. I have a '17 Challenger I want to add some bass to as I only have the 6-speaker factory Alpine system with no subs. I'm back and forth with what I want to run as far as sub stage and need some advice. The goal is for good SQ while still getting a little SPL. I have a little over 2 cubes max in the trunk, but I'd rather use less than that. I also want a lightweight setup as I'm looking to have a birch enclosure made for it and would want the smallest setup possible that fits my goals. I wanted to try a ported single 8" but can't seem to find any good examples in trunk setups which makes me think it wouldn't be worth it, and just step up to a 10". I have about 900-12000rms to play with on the amp. I've been eyeing the following 8"s for a .5-.75ft^3 ported box -Soundqubed HDS2.108 -Sundown SA-8 -SSA F8L I also have laying around an early model SSA Icon 10" or Sundown reconed Stereo Integrity BM 10" that I was thinking of having a 1ft^3 net ported box done. Any advice or direction is appreciated.
  5. dale315

    2009 SSA ICON 10" D2

    Thanks for all the input. I might've confused you guys as I'm not trying to go lower than 1 ft^3, but shooting for a 1 ft^3 net box with an aeroport. Just wondering if I have to compensate with more power or if I'm losing out on anything by not going bigger to the optimal size of 1.5 ft^3.
  6. dale315

    2009 SSA ICON 10" D2

    Thanks Aaron. I'm planning on running it on the smaller side with a 1 cube net ported box. I read if I go smaller on the box that it could take more power, but does that necessarily mean I need more power for it to sound good, or is that just a benefit?
  7. dale315

    2009 SSA ICON 10" D2

    Yes, triple stack. Exactly, I know there were different RMS ratings but was just curious what this one had in terms of what power to throw at it.
  8. dale315

    2009 SSA ICON 10" D2

    I'll need to get a picture of it later. But it has the red and white logo bubble dust cap and pole vent on the magnet.
  9. I have an Icon 10" from 2009. Can anyone tell me what gen model this is and the rated RMS? Also are the enclosure recommendations on the website for the current icon about the same? Thanks in advance.
  10. dale315

    SA-12 Smallest Sealed Box

    Quick question. I know the recommended is 1 cube, but what is the smallest size box you can use for an SA-12 with 1-1.2k watts rms? Thanks!
  11. dale315

    SSA Enclosure Recommendations

    The power handling is fine at the rms ratting in either enclosure, but if you are planning on pushing much more then ratted, go with the smaller enclosure size. We provide a range of where our sub woofers preform very well, giving people a nice range of options, especially if space or power or goals are limiting factors. Sounds good. Also, is there anything to gain in music quality with either choice? Will the smaller box be louder and lose sq than the optimal or are the differences between either very minimal?
  12. dale315

    SSA Enclosure Recommendations

    What is the difference when it comes to small and optimal in a sealed box for an icon using the recommended power handling?
  13. I have an old SSA Icon 10" laying around somwhere in my garage that I want to use. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the actual weight on those are and if it is okay to use with a single baffle on the enclosure. Its gonna be in a sealed box with 1000-1200 watts max.
  14. dale315

    Single SA-12 Enclosure Request

    No editing needed, just wanted to clear up the sizing with you first before I made the deposit.
  15. dale315

    Single SA-12 Enclosure Request

    Just making sure but on the invoice you sent, the dimensions say that the depth is 24 inches but it is really supposed to be 14 inches.