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  1. vic713

    Your order # and when shipped

    im making it bro. need some motivation to throw something back in the truck and make it out to some shows. just been really busy with lifes responsibilites these last couple of years(?) (feels like its been that long lol) Good to see you still active though. Any noteworthy shows coming up that you know of? I need get back out there other and expericence some audio before i loss my desire for it haha
  2. vic713

    Your order # and when shipped

    Order# 1253 ordered 2/21 marked as "awaiting fulfillment" The guy I ordered the subs for wants a refund at this point.
  3. vic713

    looking to lose 55 lbs

    NO HOMO, just saying dedication pays off. lol
  4. vic713

    looking to lose 55 lbs

    Before: After:
  5. vic713

    looking to lose 55 lbs

    Good job bro. Eating real foods (not foods in boxes or prepackaged), really helped me. Stay away from sodium, drink lots of water, and cook your own food with with your own ingredients really helped me. Cardio and some resistance training obviously helps too. I went from 185 to a lean 147lb in about 3 months. Lemme see if I can find some pics... It def motivated me seeing other ppl get results so if my pics help you or anybody else, cool
  6. Hairpin stators now. I need to upgrade I see..
  7. vic713

    Stay Safe, Texas Members

    Woke up today to smoke and the smell of ashes... and I live far from the fires.
  8. vic713

    looking for a tl in houston

    Racetrack on 249, just gotta find a date their closed. I'm down, I'll pay for a few sweeps and some testing. Just let me know dude.
  9. vic713

    Help Save Wild Bison

    Signed up.
  10. Closest one is in Dallas area, i believe.
  11. vic713

    is my amp a paper weight

    Car audio installation. Pay a "professional " to do it for you bro.
  12. vic713

    Extremely Disappointed

    Pretty arseho like reply. He said he ran the 3k on a single woofer so I'm sure he can set a gain right. Yeah, ok new guy. If you say so.
  13. vic713

    Extremely Disappointed

    Clipped from low voltage you admitted to ? These must have been lowered impedence than your previous subs. Trying to run that 3k at .5ohm ? LOL
  14. vic713

    NS v.2 18" with 9.25" Spider

    Sent you a email about purchasing this recone on Fri. Still waiting on a total and where to send payment to. lol Help please.
  15. vic713

    My new toy!

    BOSS !!