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  1. flakko

    Leviathon bridged @4ohm output

    ^^^ copied straight from the manual.
  2. flakko

    Leviathon bridged @4ohm output

    Ok thanks I believe those specs are on the pdf manual as well.
  3. flakko

    Leviathon bridged @4ohm output

    wait 300 or 500? lol Just like I said. ZED rates the amp at 3 x 300 @ 4, but it will do 500+ watts. now im even more confused from the ssa store:
  4. flakko

    Leviathon bridged @4ohm output

    wait 300 or 500? lol
  5. flakko

    Leviathon bridged @4ohm output

    I'm thinking about using one of these babies for my next setup but im a little confused about the power ratings... in the two reviews here: http://www.zedaudiocorp.com/Products/leviathan.html the reviewers say it's rated 500w @ 4ohms 2 channels bridged and tested likewise here its says 600w: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/store/products/ZED-Audio-Leviathan.html i would like to run my 2 sundown subs at 300/per but im not sure if i should go with 1 or 2 due to power ratings. edit: subs are the SD-1 v2's rated at 400w
  6. flakko

    SSA Member Survey

    haha happa thats kinda funny but you should try halfling its way smoother lol. but whats the "i bet the chicks dig you part white part asian GUS?"mean, i dont understand that. halfling sounds too geeky haha. go up to a girl: "hey baby, are you a halfling? lets make quarterlings together with my level 23 rod of fire" oh my bad, i meant "guys"
  7. flakko

    SSA Member Survey

    the sexy asian prince will not tolerate the mocking. you must suffer for your transgressions. well i donno if its considered white or not, but im 1/8 russian lol. i guess still asian. i bet the chicks dig you part white part asian gus huh? i think the term is called "hapa"? http://www.imdiversity.com/Villages/Asian/..._hapa_happa.asp my friend is like that and she calls herself happa.
  8. flakko

    SSA Member Survey

    yup thats me. you can see more of me here: :eek5wavey: :eek5wavey: :eek5wavey: http://www.thenoel.org/asianprince/ :eek5wavey: :eek5wavey: :eek5wavey: lol nah jk dude. i AM asian tho.
  9. their amps are decent. my 9.2 never did me wrong.
  10. flakko

    SSA Member Survey

    1. How old are you? 22 2. When did you get into car audio? 18 3. How did you first get into car audio? my friend was gonna sell me an xplod 4. Whats your favorite color red 5. Male or female? male 6. Your first Car? 1984 Mercedes benz 300SD 8. How did you find out about this site? i forgot 9. What was your first system? infinity kappa perfect dvq + profile amp + infinity kappa speakers + panasonic HU 11. Were do you live? alhambra CA 12. Whats you favorite car audio brand? hmmm let me think about that one lol 15. Who is our hero in the car audio industry? dunno 16. Whats your dream system? something that sounds the way i want it to 17. Whats your dream car? mercedes benz sl65 18. Whats the fastest car you have driven/ridden in? mishibishi evo8 400whp 19. Were do you buy most of your car audio products? net 20. What is your job? traffic control @ griffith observatory + daycare worker 21. Whats your favorite saying? dont have one? 24. Whats your favorite brand of cars? torn between lincoln and benz cuz thats all i had 25. What do you like better, cars, vans, trucks, or suv's? cars 29. Whats is the most recent thing you have purchased? 5.00 footlong at subway 31. Who do you think is the most knowledgeable person on SSA? thats a toughie 32. What is your personal best on the TL? and with what equipment? never 33. SQ or SPL? why? sq. i like listening to music...and dont give me that sql/lsq crap.
  11. flakko

    New ICON Site, still in design phase

    looks very very nice. let it all out.
  12. i woulda bought the 800, but it wasnt out yet
  13. well i have 3 subs in the line-up: 1. a sundown sd-1v2 (.95 cubic ft) 3-400w (d4) 2. a 12" oz 300L i have lying around (1.25 cubic ft) 400w (d6) 3. the new mag. (1 cubic ft) 5-800w (d2) now the oz is the best sounding sub ive ever heard (which is why i still have it ) its a toss-up between those 3 subs. i guess ill just run an md1d and see which one i like best lol. im leaning more towards the oz tho.
  14. haha heck yea man. its fun doing that. stupid digitalness. never drove an viii before but to be honest l love the looks of the vii. its a mix of old american gangsta car and modern sports car. i dunno theres something about that vii.... as for the system, its pretty much done. got the speakers, got the sub, got most of the wiring, all i need is the amp and some battery terminals lol Oh, I completely agree about the Mark VII's. I love the looks of them. I wanted one for the longest time but I ended up with a 97 Towncar. I still love the TC but i wouldn't mind one of the Mark series Lincolns. Even better is the 66 Continental with the suicide doors! Just out of curiosity, what did you end up picking out for your front stage and sub? oh my front stage is alumapro alc 5.25 + seas neo metal tweets. for the sub, im still deciding. not sure...
  15. flakko

    2008 Pioneer Head units are in!

    dost thou have the 800prs?