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  1. Well i said before, im starting with 1 D3100. then go to 2 if needed.
  2. And it will go in the trunk of a Ford Explorer most likely a 2004? So not like huge but not small either, i'm not sure on exact dimensions
  3. CrazyKenKid i will mess it up if i installed it myself i know nothing about wiring or how to do it. The best buy by my house is very good with all this stuff and if they mess it up, they pay for it in full. ALSO! A question to everyone: Dual 1 OHM or Dual 2 OHM?
  4. Trying to keep it under 3 grand haha i'm sure it will be, what i've calculated so far is this: Fi BTL 18" $500 Powermaster 3100D $350 SAZ 3000D around $600 H/O altenator $250-ish? which comes out to 1700 so i have plenty left for wires and the box and instalation
  5. I think i'm going with a SAZ 3000D from db-r. But i also have questions about wiring and the box. First off, what type of wiring should i get? And i want my box ported but don't know how to make one or the dimensions or anything since this is my first system, where could i find specefic instructions on a box for a Fi BTL 18" or where could i buy one? Also will Best Buy be able to install everything, the sub, amp, and battery. Thanks
  6. Ok thanks! so B-stock is fine it just might be scratched or something? in that case i dont care because i'm not buying an amp for looks haha. And old heatsink will also be alright? And will i have any problems if it's refurbished? Thanks
  7. I'm looking at db-r, SAZ 3000D. but what does old/newstyle heatsink mean and B-stock, what should i look for? Thanks
  8. So wait a SAZ 2000D would be good for a fully loaded Fi BTL 18" just for daily use but it will still flex the car and be very loud? And where should i buy it from, the sundown audio site is very expensive compared to some places for some reason, thanks
  9. Ok thanks haha so many people have told me to start with some like 250 dollar system. So a SAZ 2000D will be very loud with lots of flexing? I think that will be loud enough since i live in a city with a lot of ass hole cops that will pull you over for loud music haha. And also will i be able to turn it up all the way every once in a while without the amp blowing up?
  10. Yes it's my first system. And please don't tell me to start with something smaller because i'm set on this, also i don't want to go through the trouble of buying a system setting it up and selling it and buying more stuff and putting it in again it's just too much work for me.
  11. I really don't want to go over $1000, and even then that's a little spendy since i'm 15 haha, i'm just trying to get a good high wattage amp that won't overheat or break or whatever if i turn up my music too loud.. I've been looking at the SAZ 3500D's but i don't know where to buy them from since i see them from $850-1575.
  12. Yea amp sorry about that haha. It will be a 2000-2004 ford explorer most likely i don't have my lisence yet haha buy ill be getting it in about a month and putting the subs in shortly after
  13. I have a H/O alternator 200watt.. and a Powermaster D3100 battery possibly 2 soon... are you suggesting buying a used SAZ 3500D amp from db-r? If you're suggesting buying a new one it's like $1025 On the sundownaudio website it says like $1500?? And on soundsolutionaudio.com it says you can buy then for $850? Where should i get it from haha there's so many prices and such a wide range