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  1. MattB


  2. MattB

    Welcome to the IHoP

    nice to see the IHOP thread still going...200,000 posts later...haha!
  3. MattB


    Thank you Michael for the kind words! Thank you also for bearing with me while I got the pics and shipping together. You played a role in the smooth transaction too! MattB
  4. MattB

    Which amp for RL-i 8 D4?

    I put up some old pics in my gallery section. I built the box about a year ago now. Some members might remember it. I'll have to see if I can find the exact specs, but, I seem to recall the port was 24"
  5. MattB

    Firefox issues.

    mine has been doing that when I use google mail. It pops up and says firefox has experienced a problem and must close. Does it a few times a day..weird. I have notices there have been like 3 automatic updates in the past few weeks...maybe they are working something out?
  6. MattB

    Which amp for RL-i 8 D4?

    I've got 2 rl-i8's w/500 each to them and they love it....I mean, if you are careful with it, 400+ does those puppies nice.
  7. MattB

    The Times They Are A-Changing...

    at those prices, it is still a good deal. I would not trade my rl-i8's or my rl-p12 for anything... Glad I could be a past customer, and wish I needed more so I could be a future customer..but these just won't quit!!
  8. MattB

    RL-p for home audio?

    Looking at Partsexpress, they have a BASH500w amp for under $250. Looking at the picture, it has a left and right input. My receiver only has a single rca output for the sub. Could I use a Y adapter from the receiver to the amp, then, run each of the amps channels to each vc of the woofer? My RL-p is the D4vc.
  9. MattB

    RL-p for home audio?

    Thanks for the input. I will do what I can on getting a higher watt amp. Thanks also for the rec. box/port sizes..I look forward to the project!
  10. MattB

    RL-p for home audio?

    Well, I have removed all my car stereo stuff to make room for family in my ride...BUT, I cannot part with my RL-p 12..I just love it too much. I was wondering if box sizes/styles would be the same for use in the house? It is looking like I will be starting with around a 200w home audio amp. I know that is way under the RL-p, but I aint selling muh speaker... any ideas/opinions welcome
  11. MattB

    Newsletter Feedback

    Good idea for me at least. It brought me back to the site after missing a month or better!
  12. MattB

    Home audio center ch. questions

    Thanks for the response. I will begin yet a new search!
  13. MattB

    Home audio center ch. questions

    ah...true, forgot about that shielded deal. probably just be simple-er to buy a speaker. Thanks for the input.
  14. I am wanting to 'build' a center channel for my h/a system. I have a pair of CDT CL-5's 4ohm to use. I am thinking, wiring them to 8ohm and build a small cabinet for them. My question is on the crossover. Is there a xover kit, or a decent xover out there to buy, that I can mount inside the small cabinet, that can handle the 110w my Pioneer VSX puts out? Dont really know what my budget would be, but I surely dont wanna spend too much, or I'd just buy a speaker on ebay or something. I have looked at parts express, and see some 2-ways...I guess I could just use the high pass side of one of those? Or, could it be as simple as just getting some 'bass-blockers' for the cdt's and go with that?
  15. I have used hot glue in the past, and it held up good on stretched vinyl. fwiw..