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  1. tc3k101

    Rlp motor?

    Hi mike I am looking to see if you had any Rlp motors hanging around with triple .75" slugs? I am building a lms 10" and am hoping to make a matching driver but cannot find a motor to save my life I'd like to buy one if so. Please send me a message with contact info Here is my motor I am looking to match
  2. This is my little build log on my car. Equipment Pioneer 880prs Fusion PP-AM300010 Fusion PP-AM60020 Kicker 04ss65.2 components two runs of 1/0 hyperflex All kicker speaker wire I will be switching it up from a 10" Eclipse TI to a 15" 3hp if and when i decide i want to do that. Stripping the car New Engine Big 3 done Wires ran Trunk Lid with a few layers of Raamat. I do plan on adding more of it and some Spectrum Sludge Car Interior going back in
  3. you deleted the pics. can u please re host them
  4. tc3k101

    06' XXX 18" Can anything beat it?

    i believe the newer xxx has the highest linear excursion, dont quote me on it though. but its not all about xmax, doesnt this driver use a split wound coil too?
  5. tc3k101

    Sub Comparison pics

    18" trf vs 10" 3hp 18" is in the process of being reconed so bare with me
  6. tc3k101

    Sub Comparison pics

    10" tc sounds 3hp proto vs 12" trf 15" tc9 with 1" slugs vs 10" 3hp proto 12" EHQS vs 8" EHQS
  7. tc3k101

    I cut two fingertips off today

    so what did you learn? and did it hurt? lol jk man i would have dried like a girl and not taken pics
  8. lol, sucks but hurry up! i want this done with some good results
  9. well at this point in my life money is the issue. im trading my old cd player for the 24f of 1/0awg. i got lucky i guess.
  10. i know it wouldnt hurt but is it needed? if it isnt then i dont need to buy more wire for my big3
  11. do two runs of 1/0 awg 1 for ground and 1 for power or just ground to my chasis? i dont plan on running a ton of power. around 2000rms total. i do plan on adding a couple batteries though. i already have a run of hyperflex for power and picking up another 24ft in a few hours. i know running the ground to the batt has less reistance than a chasis ground but would i really notice anyhing between the two with such little power? if i dont do another run i can do my big 3 today, but i would rather do two runs while my car is apart than doing 1 run and big 3 and come back and tear everything apart again.
  12. wow those indeed look beefy that massive is uber long. i had a visonik too and never realized how long the massves are. subscribing to this forsure
  13. tc3k101

    Infinite Baffle pics and vids

    The IB3 is for "true" IB applications, not "fake" car audio. True infinite baffles require the driver to be in 25 times it's Vas. The IB3 18 Vas is 13.8 cubic feet. My trunk is less than that(let alone 25 times that), therefore my trunk would be a chitty leaky flexing sealed box, nothing close to an Infinite Baffle. That asside, I don't choose my drivers by being labeled "IB" or "sealed only" or "SPL". I choose my drivers by Thiele/Small parameteres. It has a low Fs, low inductance, high Xmax, and enough power handling to reach it's potential if I put it in a large enough box and tune low enough... exactly why i chose it. agree with you, but most people dont know what the tsp's are for sadly. and op why would you want vids? i/b setups dont have heart pounding bass if thats what you are looking for.
  14. tc3k101

    Infinite Baffle Wtf Is That? Car? Home? Pro?

    i was about to say i thought it was 10x the vas. nice right up forsure
  15. not a seat belt close. would the seat belt have less resistance than the batt? doubt it but would it be close?