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  1. Angle towards the windshield or cabin, they can go pound for pound with the early 90's MB Quarts. Been playing around with different crossover points, I think I'm settle at 3800hz! The imagine is top notch! The wood has been sitting cut for a few weeks! Lol
  2. Summer travel box: just a test fit for pictures will put together by the weekend, always wanted to try dual slot ports. 1.5c/f @32h for Zv.4 10".
  3. Loving my front stage! Been listening to Prince, Earth Wind & Fire & live recordings lately.
  4. How can you tell the crossover points on this 2way:
  5. Wired passive for now off the radio, but you can hear the difference.
  6. Tonight's work still needs to be wired up! Had to break out the ole' dremel to do a little trimming:
  7. Shooting for Sunday to install front stage. Wire should be here tomorrow.
  8. What's in the box:
  9. Got mine!
  10. 30 miles away looks like Monday delivery!
  11. ...And there shipping, just got tracking number!!
  12. Didn't order yet ended up getting NSB group 94r & 31! Still debating on lithium. Needed to raise up my resting voltage closer to lithium! Now resting at 13.1 car off lithium rest at 13.2-13.3! I've also been looking at: http://timsk2batteries.wixsite.com/timsk2batteries
  13. Your order number is: (1X948) preorder for SSA Evil 1's!
  14. My daughter need to charge her iPhone, radio came alive:
  15. Bad Radio! Got a same model open box from Best Buy!