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  1. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Rear doors 2 8” PRV 8MR500-4 & PRV TW450Ti-Nd-4. Using Custom Speaker Pods! No pictures of the front mids, changed them from the SSA Evil 6.5" to Resilient Sounds ES 69C. It’s a better fit for the truck for now! Undecided on the front doors future.
  2. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Changed all AGM’s to Lithium’s.
  3. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Upgraded to a Mechman 370 alt.
  4. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Wow I’ve been lurking and slacking since ‘19! I need to give an update soon while on vacation!
  5. ludeman

    WTB: Evil1 Tweeter Pods

    Looking for Evil1 Tweeter Pods
  6. I just upgraded my main battery with a bank of 40ah YinLong by XS Power. I already had a bank of Limitless Supercaps and Mechman 370 alt. My lowest voltage is 13.6 with lithium’s with agm I was seeing 12.3
  7. Tried a different amp and the same thing from all RCA sets, going to buy a pioneer AVH-4500nex. ...Going to check the backup camera, the last thing I installed!
  8. Got everything install fired it up and was getting a distortion sound then turned the radio off and heard the subwoofer thump sound! Didn't start the engine just was checking to make sure everything was working! Also had the volume at 0. Going to check a different amp this weekend and start moving wires around to see if something is loose..... Any ideas?
  9. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Update: We’re all moved in at the house! Finally got around to installing my CES 370alt yesterday!
  10. ludeman

    All my Audio friends has settled on down ??

    Same here, house is rebuilt, last baby in college, 1 grand daughter due in October, still got audio equipment with little to no time to even look at it.
  11. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    1 more week than back at home:
  12. ludeman

    Cell Phone suggestions

    I broke down last year and went iPhone 8, to be compatible with the family and to use Apple CarPlay in my truck.
  13. ludeman

    Sub wire diagram

  14. ludeman

    SSA Hellion (all new)

    Hellion definition, a disorderly, troublesome, rowdy, or mischievous person.
  15. ludeman

    Store Request?

    Just wondering can these be added to the store for ordering?