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  1. Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Now y’all got me wanting a SP4 or BTL NEO 15”!!!!!
  2. Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    I had the same problem with my Zv.4 rev.2 10" I reconed it with the SPL spiders and mega roll surround. Tuned to 32hz, plays upper bass and kick drums, my competition Zv.4 12's have SPL spiders & surround tuned to 37hz plays 46hz with authority, sounds similar to Zv.3's. Just my knowledge and $.02. All have the NSv2 coils!
  3. '12 Grand Cherokee

    My life is on hold know! Everyone is safe and unharmed. Had a fire in my house last week, just got cleared to go back in: Started in the kitchen then spreading to the dining room then living room. Smoke went thru the rest of the house at least 2ft. of water in the basement. Going to be out of the house at least a year.
  4. Flatlyne 15

    Painless & easy on the nose! Find it here: https://www.acrytech.com/product-category/speaker-cabinet-coatings/ they even do some color matching.
  5. Anyway we can get recones for M1 motors or just put it in the notes section when ordering?
  6. '12 Grand Cherokee

    Gotta give it a shot!
  7. WTB: sundown x motor

    I got a 10"v1 $140 shipped in the 48's.
  8. '12 Grand Cherokee

    Update: 1st single 10" box didn't work well with family, had bags everywhere made this out of wood scraps:
  9. Ok enclosure build pics

    Nice, where did you get that elbow from?
  10. Wanna make a work station radio with a car audio head unit! What do I need to make it work in my basement?
  11. I'd give Sundown SD3's a look.
  12. '12 Grand Cherokee

    I love them, they get loud and low, all around musical not just lows!
  13. '12 Grand Cherokee

    Angle towards the windshield or cabin, they can go pound for pound with the early 90's MB Quarts. Been playing around with different crossover points, I think I'm settle at 3800hz! The imagine is top notch! The wood has been sitting cut for a few weeks! Lol
  14. '12 Grand Cherokee

    Summer travel box: just a test fit for pictures will put together by the weekend, always wanted to try dual slot ports. 1.5c/f @32h for Zv.4 10".