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  1. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    1 more week than back at home:
  2. ludeman

    Cell Phone suggestions

    I broke down last year and went iPhone 8, to be compatible with the family and to use Apple CarPlay in my truck.
  3. ludeman

    Sub wire diagram

  4. ludeman

    SSA Hellion (all new)

    Hellion definition, a disorderly, troublesome, rowdy, or mischievous person.
  5. ludeman

    Store Request?

    Just wondering can these be added to the store for ordering?
  6. ludeman

    SSA Testarossa Alternators

    Not to thread jack, but 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L engine?
  7. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Those are 3D printed box holders done by Audio Contraptions.
  8. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

  9. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Updates: Been a very busy year so far for me and the family, My baby girl graduated from high school and on her way to college, house is coming along should be moved in by the holiday season. Finally got down time to myself this weekend. Went to the garage to work on a project I've been putting off for years DC lvl5 m1 10" with a Ti basket w/custom recone built by zeuslicious a few years ago.
  10. ludeman

    Sundown x or z basket 15"

    Contact Sundown directly.
  11. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Thanks guys! Finally got housing situation straightened out and the rebuild is coming along. Same view from first picture!
  12. ludeman

    2017 ZCON Free Air Video

    Does the Zcon have a 8 layer coil or 4? The descriptions say 8 the specs say 4.
  13. ludeman

    Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Now y’all got me wanting a SP4 or BTL NEO 15”!!!!!
  14. ludeman

    Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    I had the same problem with my Zv.4 rev.2 10" I reconed it with the SPL spiders and mega roll surround. Tuned to 32hz, plays upper bass and kick drums, my competition Zv.4 12's have SPL spiders & surround tuned to 37hz plays 46hz with authority, sounds similar to Zv.3's. Just my knowledge and $.02. All have the NSv2 coils!
  15. ludeman

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    My life is on hold know! Everyone is safe and unharmed. Had a fire in my house last week, just got cleared to go back in: Started in the kitchen then spreading to the dining room then living room. Smoke went thru the rest of the house at least 2ft. of water in the basement. Going to be out of the house at least a year.