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  1. I'm playing around with designing a single 18" box, 5.5 c/f max for a single 8" aero or 6.3c/f with 2 6" aeros is what I came up with at 9" per c/f, the lowest I'll go with when using an aero port. Do you have the SPL surround & come?
  2. Me three
  3. While browsing Ebay: http://m.ebay.com/itm/282385760107?_mwBanner=1
  4. PayPal ready!
  5. Patiently waiting for the Evil 1's and good weather.
  6. Evil 6.5 with 6x9 pvc adapters'.
  7. While on lunch: SSA STORE - Order #18706!
  8. Another shot of the gauges:
  9. Didn't realize how heavy the subs were until I had to lift them up to put them in the box!!
  10. Update: Box #2 is finished, loaded and playing with the Zv.4 12's! Pictures tomorrow
  11. This kinda puts a priority on things!
  12. Here is the link to check what's compatible: http://maestro.idatalink.com/
  13. Box #2 taking form, much like box 1 but 4.5 c/f tuned to 35hz with port on drivers side for 2 Zv.4 12's. Just going to be raw finish for BassRace testing.
  14. Sooner than you think! Just ordered some 6x9 PVC adapters for the front doors to fit the Evil 6.5, the tweeter pods are 2.2", the McLarens are 2.27" & Evil 1's are 2.44"! .24" is not that much of a difference, going to run active by my Cactus 250.4.
  15. How much little room I have left!