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  1. My daughter need to charge her iPhone, radio came alive:
  2. Bad Radio! Got a same model open box from Best Buy!
  3. The radio ground was checked first, grounded to metal. Only change was the Northstar agm's. No noise if I power the speakers off the radio. Only when I use any rca output.
  4. TDH show is a no go as of now! I got radio noise in the speakers, I can hear the fan from the radio and a thump when it turns off all while the volume is at 0. No engine noise or alternator whine? Pulled the radio out switched rca's ran it on top of the interior and the same noise is there, ordered a ground loop isolator last night. Gonna try grounding the radio rca inputs in a few. Grounding the rca made it worst!
  5. I'll be there on Sunday
  6. Your SSA STORE Order Confirmation (#1X553)!
  7. Another option if I get the Limitless 40ah lithium it will fit in OEM battery location!
  8. My choices: 1. 1 XS Power SB1000 2. 1 Limitless 20ah Lithium and 1 NSB 94r 3. 1 XS Power SB500 and 1 NSB 94r Let me hear some feed back!!! I'm stuck on choices. The cheapest is #3 most expensive is #2!
  9. I say start here: http://maestro.idatalink.com I did: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/72654-12-grand-cherokee/
  10. How are you liking those Superbanks?
  11. Might have room for SuperCaps gotta measure this!
  12. Update: Was getting low voltage readings, resting at 12.0 car running is 13.9 - 14.2! Pulled out batteries and my XS power's are done after 7 years of hard work, the D3400 was resting at 9.5, on the charger (4 times) it went in to desulfation mode for a few hours then read Bad Battery! The D3100 charges normal goes to 100% then drops to 70% over night! Now the resting voltage is 12.5, running is 14.5 - 14.3! Now I'm debating on which batteries to get. As for stock location there is no real impressive replacement, 1 might have a higher Ah but lacks in reserve or another category, but none is higher in all categories compared to factory agm. On to the battery bank, I like the Limitless Lithiums.
  13. I'm playing around with designing a single 18" box, 5.5 c/f max for a single 8" aero or 6.3c/f with 2 6" aeros is what I came up with at 9" per c/f, the lowest I'll go with when using an aero port. Do you have the SPL surround & come?
  14. Me three
  15. While browsing Ebay: http://m.ebay.com/itm/282385760107?_mwBanner=1