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  1. foolioGrimz

    pos pioneers!!!

    no they werent out of phase. i just ended up putting the delco's back in and getting my money back. guess i learned my lesson.... dont waste money on cheap speakers
  2. foolioGrimz

    pos pioneers!!!

    i just put in some pioneer 6x9s in my car and they sound like a cross between a subwoofer with no crossover and a tweeter..... no bass at all either. the factory speakers sounded much better. what a waste of money
  3. foolioGrimz

    This is crazy, but worked well.

    yeah, where'd u get it from??
  4. foolioGrimz

    bad amp

    the "incedent" happened in another vehicle. and the amp is running 4 ohms so thats not the problem. I dont think its the RCA's but im not too sure. The previous vehicle it was in I used different RCA's than the one its in now. oh yeah and it started cutting out if I turned the volume on the stereo down too low but it gradually kept doing it until it now it doesnt matter how strong of a signal its getting. the amp is no where near overheating and Its never overheated b4 no matter how hot it was in the vehicle and how loud I bumped it. I think I remember the power light going off when it happened, no protection lights turned on. My Pioneer HU got jacked awhile back so I have no way of testing it out again until I get something else set up. Im trying to decide if im gonna sell it or save it to build a different system later on.
  5. my xplod amp cuts in and out. I think it might have something to do with the remote since over a year ago the insulation rubbed off the wire and it came into contact with metal and burned all the insulation off. it didnt work for maybe a week, then when I tried it again it started working but it was real quiet then started working like normal. could it be fixed and how much would it cost? its a sony xplod 1600-GSD (i think) Class D mono amp
  6. foolioGrimz

    Dont BUy ED

    im lost :thud:
  7. nope, cuts off almost always when its turned down now... somethimesj turns off at high volumes but not as muchN
  8. no one? I posted it on a car audio forum and didnt get 1 reply.... could running too thick a wire on the remote have anything to do with it? if its something in the amp, is it fixable? I paid $350 for it and looking at RF amps but I really cant afford to replace it right now.
  9. foolioGrimz

    How did you guys find SSA???

    zane, dont hear that name much. last guy I knew with that name was a dealer..
  10. Ive got a class D Mono amp that keeps shutting off while playing music. before It used to do it if there was a weak signal but now its starting to do it no matter what. I have to turn off the HU then turn it back on to get the amp working again. In the last vehicle it was in the remote wire was connected to a fuse under the dash and the wire's insulation rubbed off somewhere. the wire touched metal on the vehicle and burned out the wire. for a while the amp wouldnt even play any music but then started workign again. btw, that happened almost exactly a year ago... had the amp for 1 1/2 years & i bass it everyday
  11. foolioGrimz

    almost ready to pound

    how much do these alternators usually cost?
  12. foolioGrimz


    how hard is it to glass a box? getting it shaped right, determining the volume ect. and how much would it cost? eventually I want to make a custom box amp rack and I'll be running a brahma if I can find a second job for the $$$
  13. my PS2 got jacked the other day. found a kitchen window unlocked maybe how they got in.
  14. foolioGrimz

    Newb needs a lot of help

    well actually stock head units are ok for just listening to music, but imo aftermarkets are better. equalizers pre-amps... stuff like that.
  15. foolioGrimz

    Building a System for Street B (Orion)

    how do you mod them to be stable at .5 ohms?