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  1. ackslaxrichard

    Hairline crack?

    how long does a warranty last from when you order it?
  2. ackslaxrichard

    Pics of system installed... enjoy!

    chicken...how come ur going w the sealed box...if ur worried about the sound quality not being so good, its still amazing ported and very very loud if u have ever heard the song stay fly by three 6 mafia, it hits every note so precise in that song and never misses a beat
  3. ackslaxrichard

    anyone know a good program for finding frequency of songs on computer?

    but how do you get your songs from itunes onto it
  4. ackslaxrichard

    12" Fi Q BP power option?

    I bought my q w/ bp power and im only running about 800-900 watts to it right now again underpowering a sub doesn't hurt a sub in any way...mine has been running for a few weeks and its amazingly loud and working great hopefully i will upgrade by the summer w/ a new amp 1700 might be a lil too much for the q but they can handle a lot w/ bp so i really wouldnt worry about it
  5. I have been trying to download a program to find the frequency of certain songs from my itunes library but i cant figure out how to do it. any help?
  6. ackslaxrichard

    15" q does not play as low as it used to

    it actually works fine now i changed all the settings to what they should be but I think it might have been my amp going into safety mode(if thats what its called) when it gets too hot and plays the sub a bit quieter but it is noticeable...as long as i dont play it for long periods of time it performs perfectly now
  7. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    I like it. I would have told you to lower the cubes a bit but after I was told it actually does make it louder I have to say that box sounds good
  8. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    well its more than loud enough for me and due to technical problems with my power source its only giving my amp like 800 rms... that is true that q's have better sq in a sealed box and hit lows better i believe...but in ported it hits everything great and is loud as sh**
  9. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    If you rly love that low bass I think you would love a q but its too late for that
  10. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    OK so what would you say for his dimensions?
  11. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    im pretty sure more cubes is gonna make ur sub not as loud correct me if im wrong but bigger box = less power my box works great...ive had some amp troubles...but the box is amazing and i think the bl would do great in a box a little bigger than mine(between 3.5-4 cubes) and for tuning it i htink 32-33 hz would also be fine
  12. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    what does bump mean...i never saw it a t first but now its everywhere
  13. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    ok well do you want just an all around loud sub...or are u looking for it to hit the lows harder I know q's kill lows but idk about bl's I wouldn't worry about losing SPL...its gonna be loud and sound good
  14. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    i still think you should lower ur box volume to less than 4 cubes and also tune it to like 32 hz also at that box volume your port are should be about 57.4..about 14 in^2 per ft^3
  15. ackslaxrichard

    15" Fi Bl enclosure design

    You should do 3-4 cubes...definitely not 5 The height imo should just be flush with the height of the seats for looks and the length and width will have to be adjusted if you do 3-4 instead of 4.9 the port sounds fine