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  1. Ok So I Was Thinking The Other Dayy.

    What If You Were To Put Dry Ice In The Air Box Of A Car?

    Would It Improve The Performance?

    Since It Would Be Releasing Compressed Gas InTo the Intake Stream.

    Lets Start A Thread Of What Are Ways That You Guys Have Heard Of In Which Would mess Up A Cars Engine By Putting Something In The Gass Tank.

    EX: Sugar In the gas tank

  2. Hi, I Placed An Order With FI Audio On September 3rd (1 Week Ago)

    I Didn't Order Anything Big Or Heavy Just 1 36" Sticker And 2 6" Stickers

    Its Been A Week So Far And I Haven't Received Them.

    Just Wondering If This Is Normal?

    And FI, If You Could Is There Anyway I Can See The Location Of The Shipment?


  3. Thats My Friend In The Pic

    Yes It Is 2 chamber. I sealed it off in the middle so that each set has a chamber.

    As for ported i would say leave it sealed.

    With the 4 10''s that we put in my opinion :0

    Wow !!!!

    idk if it is because there is more surface area or what !!

    but it hits the lows cleaner then my FI 15'' BTL

    But then again im only running 300 Watts to it ;)

  4. So The Other Day I Made A Box For My Homeboy And It Was somewhat of a custom box cuz it was for 4 10''s

    Not Something You Could Jus Go Out And Pick Up At The Local Flemarket.

    Here Are some pics....




  5. My girl is into it maybe not like me but she has competed and helps me out for hours on end when im working on stuff. She doesn't mind the free stuff i don't use anymore either.

    Now Thats A Good G/F

    I Once Had One That Complained And Everytime I Would Even Mention Car Audio She Would Say... "OMG"

    Haha Had To Take Her To Get Her Nails Done Instead !! WOMAN lol